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Zoot Suitin' Boogie

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All right, we've avoided this long enough: We now have to acknowledge this whole NBA dress code thing. What sparked us into action? Why, Mark Cuban, of course, who addresses the "controversy on his blog. His take: It's a matter of owners not knowing how to relate to their players, which is a shock to us, really. (Also, horrifyingly, Cuban threatens to just "wear a Speedo." Please. Please. Stop it.)

Pacers crazy puncher man Stephen Jackson has called the NBA's new dress code "racist," and, in the style of Mahatma Gandhi, protested the policy by wearing every single chain in his wardrobe. Meanwhile, Ron Artest has his own statement: "I'll wear, like, purple shoes, yellow slacks, a burgundy shirt, cut-up tie and a lavender sport coat. I'm going to mix it up." That's exactly what we wore to our prom, by the way.


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