On Saturday there was a silly dust-up at McFadden's (a bar at CBP), which spilled out onto the parking lot and one young man was beaten to death for God knows what. These are the men who (allegedly) killed him.

This story's wormed its way into the national spotlight and, not surprisingly, has been used as more ammunition for people to blame this incident on Philadelphia's collective troglodyte fan base instead of focusing on the three shitzoids who killed the kid. Colin Cowherd apparently blamed the incident on Philadelphia's "low college matriculation rate" whatever that means.

This fight began in the bar when one group attending a bachelor party and another group of men on a Phillies bus trip sponsored by a Fishtown bar began getting all huffy over a spilled drink and then were thrown out of the place. The fight turned physical out in the parking lot, where the Fishtown three (again, say it with me, allegedly) pounced on 22-year-old David Sale, the brother of the bride, held him down and repeatedly kicked him in the head. Here's David Sale:


He certainly looks quarrelsome. Allegedly.

But, again, this type of thing could have happened at any ballpark in the country (it has, in case you forgot) so let's consider this a pretty tragic incident that happened at one stadium as opposed to, you know, blaming it on the college matriculation rate.


Cops Searching For Third Suspect In Ballpark Beating [NBCPhiladelphia]