How do you make a Cubs/Brewers interesting when they have a combined 126-155 record? You slip a fake press release supposedly written by Cubs GM Jim Hendry into the press pack! Here's a pic (via Paul Sullivan's Twitter) ...

Brewers Vice-President of Communications Tyler Barnes said they are looking into the incident, and that it was "impossible to know where it came from." They have not apologized to the Cubs or Hendry yet, but have spoken to the Cubs about the hoax.

"You've got people credentialed from every city in the country around here," he said. "Without knowing who did it... It's an unfortunate incident. It's a lousy attempt at a practical joke and in that way we're certainly sorry. But without being able to know who did it..." []

Cubs haters, take the mic. Just don't ...

... kielbasa the messenger.



(H/T Brian Brown)