Get The First-Person Experience Of Winning A World Series

Shane Victorino had a GoPro camera tag along with him from the final strike of Game 6 of the World Series up to the duck boat parade through Boston. Now you can experience what it's like having Ace of Spades champagne poured on you, without any of the stickiness. The locker room celebration features so much booze,… »12/23/13 12:09pm12/23/13 12:09pm


Red Sox Take Out Newspaper Ad Thanking St. Louis

You'll find this full-page ad in today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and it seems the Red Sox aren't done trolling everyone. "Your region, its people, and the entire Cardinals organization represent everything that's great about baseball." Damn it. We just spent a month breaking them down, and now Cards fans are going to… »11/05/13 9:48am11/05/13 9:48am

Sloppy, Swearing Red Sox Bros Give Fantastic Interviews On Local News

These Red Sox bros are the best, because they're everything you think they'll be. When it comes to describing the feeling of winning a World Series, the first kid just knows it can't be captured in words. He would know, experiencing this team's highs and lows since 1988. But the second guy is the real star. »10/31/13 7:01pm10/31/13 7:01pm

St. Louis Man Arrested After Threatening Boston On Twitter

Everybody say hi to Bobby Metzinger. St. Louis police arrested him over the weekend and charged him with making terroristic threats against the city of Boston from his Twitter account. The 30-year-old former PR professional was once highlighted by a St. Louis television station for having landed a job because of his… »10/30/13 4:12pm10/30/13 4:12pm

Cardinals Radio Guy Laughed At Red Sox For Holding Kolten Wong On

Via Awful Announcing, go directly to the 2-minute mark of the video below. "That's silly," Cardinals play-by-play man Mike Shannon can be heard saying during the KMOX broadcast. He was talking about Mike Napoli holding Kolten Wong at first base. Shannon also laughed. He then described what happened next. »10/28/13 5:19pm10/28/13 5:19pm

A Kick In The Ass From David Ortiz Is All The Red Sox Needed

Heading into three straight nights in a National League park, John Farrell said he'd name his first baseman before each game. David Ortiz is 37, and coming off Achilles and heel injuries, and hasn't played three consecutive games in the field in years. Mike Napoli was raking through the first two rounds of the… »10/28/13 9:18am10/28/13 9:18am

So What The Hell Was John Farrell Thinking In The 9th Inning?

When Red Sox reliever Brandon Workman went out to bat against Trevor Rosenthal in the top of the ninth, it looked like a mistake. Your first thought was one of concern. Was Red Sox manager John Farrell locked in the bathroom? Was he perhaps trapped beneath a large object? When Workman, batting for the first time in… »10/27/13 12:50pm10/27/13 12:50pm

Your Guide To Giving A Shit About The Red Sox-Cardinals World Series

Though it will feature the two best teams in baseball, this year's World Series will be painful for non-fans of the Red Sox or Cardinals. It's the least appealing matchup out of this postseason's 10 teams. It'll achieve better ratings than Giants-Rangers, sure, but why should any casual viewer feel compelled to watch… »10/20/13 12:24pm10/20/13 12:24pm