Police Video Shows Teen Girl Graphically Accusing Kevin Johnson Of Sexual Abuse

Today, Kevin Johnson is mayor of Sacramento, Calif., and Mandi Koba is a mother of three and an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. Only they know what happened between them in the summer of 1995, when she was 16 and he was a star guard for the Phoenix Suns, and each has a different version of events. »10/08/15 4:04pm10/08/15 4:04pm

Christian Laettner Is Still Sore About The Fab Five's Shit-Talking

One of the best parts of the Fab Five 30 for 30 documentary was seeing that Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Juwan Howard hated former Duke star Christian Laettner just as much as everyone else in America did. Well, Laettner's got his own 30 for 30 doc coming out soon, and he's been whining about the Fab Five saying mean… »3/12/15 12:29pm3/12/15 12:29pm

I'm Sports Filmmaker Mike Tollin. Got Any Questions For Me?

Mike Tollin is a filmmaker and the co-chairman of Mandalay Sports Media. He has directed and helped produce films in ESPN's 30 for 30 series, and is the producer of the Baron Davis comeback videos that have been airing on TNT. His latest project, Summer Dreams, chronicles life in the NBA summer league and airs on CBS… »3/13/14 3:30pm3/13/14 3:30pm

Welcome Back, "30 For 30": In Praise Of ESPN's Documentary Series

When Will Leitch started Deadspin, his guiding principal—beyond a belief that he could get the whole world to refer to the Arizona Cardinals as the Buzzsaw—was that sports, in the grand scheme of things, aren't that important. Yes, there's lots of money spent on them, and when your team wins the World Series it's the… »9/27/12 6:40pm9/27/12 6:40pm

Errol Morris's Short Film On Sports-Themed Funerals Is Morbidly Cool

One of the best things ESPN has ever commissioned is the fantastic 30 For 30 series, which is now available on Netflix Instant. There are more on the way this fall, but here's a short film done in that vein—directed by Oscar-winner Errol Morris (Mr. Death, The Fog of War, Standard Operating Procedure)—that should… »8/03/12 9:45am8/03/12 9:45am

ESPN's Going To Produce A Bunch More 30 For 30 Films

So, fantastic news. ESPN will announce at today's upfront that they will roll out a second series of sports documentaries under the 30 For 30 umbrella, even though it's no longer the network's 30th anniversary and there may not be 30 of them. The first one will premier this fall, and new films will roll out over the… »5/15/12 11:00am5/15/12 11:00am

Why You Should All Be Watching HBO's Brilliant On Freddie Roach Docuseries

Sports documentaries tend to adhere to a certain formula: tremendous amounts of archival footage plus talking heads. If you're Ken Burns, you mix in some banjo music. Sometimes you get the subject to reminisce about a time in his life that is still of abiding interest to sports fans, and maybe, if you're lucky, you… »2/28/12 6:23pm2/28/12 6:23pm