Al-Jazeera Sports’s World Cup Coverage Was "Sabotaged As Part Of A…

Fans in the Middle East had a World Cup to forget this summer after TV station Al-Jazeera suffered terrible coverage problems throughout the tournament's biggest games, including the South Africa/Mexico opener which was plagued by 20 minutes of interference. » 10/01/10 12:05pm 10/01/10 12:05pm

Mia Hamm Would Never Stand for This

This clip from Al-Jazeera (yes, that Al-Jazeera) joins Bend it Like Beckham and Ladybugs in the pantheon of great girls' soccer movies. The best part of the video is the woman who plays keepaway from her two cute little kids. » 8/19/07 12:50pm 8/19/07 12:50pm