An Inflatable, Life-Size Ben Wallace, And Other Things You Bought While Drunk

According to a recent study on this very website, quite a few people make serious life decisions under the influence of alcohol. Go figure! On Friday, we asked our readers to tell us about the craziest things they’ve bought while drunk, and among the usual stuff (tattoos, memorabilia, and a subscription to the Dairy… »9/14/15 12:29pm9/14/15 12:29pm

There Are Four Types of Drunks, Says Science

For the people who proudly display their Myers-Briggs results on their online bios, there’s a new personality test you can take. Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have categorized drinkers into four different roles, inspired by cultural icons and film characters. Right next to your Myers-Brigg “INFP”… »7/18/15 6:21pm7/18/15 6:21pm

How to Drink All Day and Not Pass Out

Look, drinking all day is not healthy. But what if you and the missus signed up for a nine-hour Napa County wine tour, and you want to get your money’s worth? Or maybe you’re hitting your bachelor pal’s BBQ, and the action starts at noon. Or, maybe, what the hell, you just want to go all out on a hot summer day. This… »7/03/15 5:41pm7/03/15 5:41pm

Dallas sportswriter Jim Dent—probably best known for his book The Junction Boys, about Bear Bryant’s

Dallas sportswriter Jim Dent—probably best known for his book The Junction Boys, about Bear Bryant’s Texas A&M team—was sentenced to 10 years in prison today for his 10th DWI. Last week the Dallas Morning News published a long profile about Dent’s sportswriting career and his problems with the bottle. »4/15/15 8:42pm4/15/15 8:42pm

Josh Gordon Officially Suspended By NFL For "At Least" A Season

It was inevitable once Adam Schefter reported that Josh Gordon had tested positive for alcohol, but today the NFL made it official: Gordon is suspended for the entirety of the 2015 football season. The Browns released a statement confirming the suspension—which is without pay and for "at least one year"—and leveled at… »2/03/15 8:13pm2/03/15 8:13pm

Hey Look, It's The Sad Cocktail Grenades You Always Wanted

Evidently these have been around for a while, but they're new to me. BuzzBallz: Regret In a Can. BuzzBallz: Liquid Cold-Sore. BuzzBallz: Convex Around the Sides, Like Your Abdomen When Fluid Accumulates In Your Peritoneal Cavity as a Result of the Liver Cirrhosis You Get From Living the Kind of Life That Involves… »9/24/14 11:48am9/24/14 11:48am

Cider Is Fucking Awesome. End of Story.

This has been a winter of cider-shame. Shame at glancing down at the recycling in my apartment only to note that its only contents are dozens and dozens of empty bottles of Angry Orchard cider. Shame at ordering cider at a bar in front of people ordering cocktails. Shame at being gingerly handed a tall blue can of… »5/01/14 5:28pm5/01/14 5:28pm