Eddy Curry And The Disturbing, Big Gay Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

So, Knicks center Eddy Curry may have some bigger problems facing him than finding playing time. In a lengthy lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court by his former chauffeur, David Kuchinsky, we find out that Curry may be a super-aggressive anti-Semitic closet homosexual with a penchant for gun play. Whee. Read on. »1/12/09 11:37pm1/12/09 11:37pm

And, Somehow, The Philadelphia Eagles Will Meet The Buzzsaw In The NFC Championship

Remember that short story from high school English about the hanging soldier who miraculously escapes death? And just as he's seemingly finally escaped back to the waiting arms of his wife, he's cruelly thrust back into the grim reality of the tightening noose? The narrow escape was only a dream. I still feel like Iā€¦ »1/11/09 3:51pm1/11/09 3:51pm