Julian Savea Scores Impressively Violent Try Through Three Frenchmen

The Rugby World Cup is currently heading towards its conclusion in England. Three of the four semifinalists have been set, and we have South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand to look forward to in the next round. This is the furthest the Argentines have advanced in their country’s Rugby World Cup history, but it’s… »10/18/15 10:45am10/18/15 10:45am


One "All Blacks" Fan Stands Out In This Rugby World Cup Crowd Shot

Writes tipster Ryan W., "The Rugby World Cup finals are on currently airing NBC. I took a break from watching terrible NFL games to catch some of the finals between France and New Zealand (aka the 'All Blacks'). During a shot of the New Zealand crowd, I spotted this charming young man on the right side of the screen." »10/23/11 4:30pm10/23/11 4:30pm

Creative Ways to Cheat Your Way to Success Back at the Office

Over the weekend, we've been presented with numerous ways to succeed by circumventing unfair and inappropriate "rules" meant to hurt you and not others by not giving you everything you want immediately. As we close out this weekend, let us give you the tools used by sports teams across the globe so you can have what… »9/14/08 8:00pm9/14/08 8:00pm