Andray Blatche Played Pretty Well In His Second Game Since Allegedly Watching Two Of His Friends Rape A Drugged Girl In His Hotel Room

Here are three Andray Blatche-related headlines since Tuesday, January 8, when news broke that Blatche had somehow been involved in an alleged rape—if in no other way, then by having rented the room in which the alleged rape took place: "Andray Blatche 'not worried at all,'" from ESPN, "Blatche Focuses on Job as… »1/12/13 9:50am1/12/13 9:50am

Report: At Least Two Men In Andray Blatche's Entourage Allegedly Raped A Woman

The last update in our earlier post about Andray Blatche, the previously anonymous Brooklyn Net who was questioned by Philly police in relation to an alleged sexual assault, explained that Blatche would not be charged with any crime. But that's not to say Blatche is out of trouble. A report from Action News 6 in… »1/08/13 6:35pm1/08/13 6:35pm

A Member Of The Brooklyn Nets Is Being Questioned In A Sexual Assault Case [UPDATE: It Appears It Was Andray Blatche]

According to CBS Philly and other local outlets, a member of the Brooklyn Nets [See update below] is being questioned by Philadelphia police in relation to a sexual assault that allegedly occurred early Tuesday morning at the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City. The Nets are in town to play the Sixers tonight. »1/08/13 11:04am1/08/13 11:04am

Kevin Durant Almost Exploded The Universe On This Missed Dunk

For my money, a thunderous, rim-rattling, shockwave-inducing dunk is best when it comes on the road. At home, the crowd will erupt, but they'll erupt for anything: a layup, cheerleaders, a taco cannon, whatever, they're already primed to react. But if you can get a reaction in a visiting arena, where you're… »12/05/12 11:35am12/05/12 11:35am

"She Was Not Dressed As A Prostitute," And Other Highlights From The Time Andray Blatche Invited Two Radio Hosts To Tell Him How Awful He Is

Andray Blatche and the Washington Wizards just can't get away from each other. Blatche, now with the Nets, took a jab at his former team last night when he asked reporters what the Wizards' record was. Then he got into it on Twitter with Wizards fans and reporters who still had grievances to air over Blatche's time… »11/27/12 1:15pm11/27/12 1:15pm

Andray Blatche Ran Out Of Gas On A New Jersey Highway After The Nets Game Last Night

The Nets won their home-opener in Brooklyn last night amidst chants from a capacity crowd. The win itself was a little lackadaisical-remember how everyone wondered whether Deron Williams would go back to defending his position now that the Nets are good? Kyle Lowry had 28, 8 and 8-but it was a win, and Nets newcomer… »11/04/12 9:15am11/04/12 9:15am

A Long List Of Sports Figures Who've Also Claimed Their Twitter Was Hacked

As soon as Rep. Anthony Weiner first acknowledged his roiling Twitter-bulge scandal with a desperate "I've been hacked" defense last week, we knew he was guilty. "I've been hacked" is the first refuge of a cock-Tweeter. Weiner isn't the first to mistakenly send a private Twitter flirtation to a relative stranger.… »6/07/11 2:25pm6/07/11 2:25pm