Andy Roddick, Who Retired In September, Rose Two Spots In This Week's ATP Rankings

Hell of a week for Andy Roddick, who jumped up two spots in this week's ATP rankings despite not having played in six months. But when you're the 40th best men's tennis player in the world, these are the kinds of things you can do. (Also when you're part of a severely flawed ranking formula.) »2/19/13 11:00am2/19/13 11:00am


Andy Roddick Is Still Alive, Getting Emotional At U.S. Open

This was bound to happen once he announced he would retire following the tournament, but it's still a nice moment to watch for the suckers in Arthur Ashe stadium. The crowd was juiced on match point and had to be told twice, in vain, to quiet down, but it didn't matter. Roddick's serve was returned right into the… »9/02/12 6:10pm9/02/12 6:10pm

Andy Roddick's Acting Debut Was A Razzie-Worthy Performance

I'm sure athletes get asked to act in all sorts of TV shows, but it's up to them to actually agree to do the show. So it was that a 20-year-old Roddick found himself making his TV debut on a tennis-themed episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch back in 2002. It's important to note this happened years before both… »7/19/12 12:50am7/19/12 12:50am

Andy Roddick Totally Flipped Out Over The Court Still Being Wet At The U.S. Open (Video)

And ESPN's cameras captured much of his tirade, which was directed at tournament referee (and USTA pro circuit director) Brian Earley during Roddick's fourth-round match this afternoon against David Ferrer. The match eventually was moved to the much smaller, 584-seat Court 13, where Roddick won in an upset in four… »9/08/11 5:20pm9/08/11 5:20pm

Alas, Mardy Fish: American Tennis Rots From The Head Down

There was a single American remaining in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon this year, and his name was Mardy Fish. His is never a name that inspires confidence or even optimism in tennis fans in the United States, most of whom are still lamenting the retirement of Pete Sampras a decade ago. Fish lost to Rafael Nadal… »6/29/11 3:45pm6/29/11 3:45pm