Deadcast: Is Ernie Banks’ Body Being Hidden In Washington, D.C.?

Since Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks died over a month ago, his surviving family members have been engaged in a blood feud with Banks's former mistress over both Banks's remaining assets (rumored to be valued at a mere $16,000) and his remains, the location of which are at present unknown. Even though some of… » 3/04/15 11:08am 3/04/15 11:08am

Meet Ratter's New Hire: Swamp Dogg

You heard of Swamp Dogg? Probably not unless he owes you money. Swamp's never had a hit with his own witty and rollicking tunes, though Kid Rock, for one, sampled his stuff and sold millions. More recently, he penned "America, Here's My Boy" for Beck's eclectic "Song Reader." Ah well—Swamp was born with buzzard luck.… » 1/05/15 3:12pm 1/05/15 3:12pm

A Non-Exhaustive List Of Johnny Manziel Dirt We Will Actually Pay For

We get a lot of tips about Johnny Manziel, and most of them read something like this: "Hey, I have a [photo/video] of a [drunk/high] Johnny Manziel [singing along to Drake in a club/rolling up a joint/reaching for a bong/popping bottles/snorting coke]. How much will you pay me for it?" Here is our answer: nothing. » 7/07/14 12:46pm 7/07/14 12:46pm

Deadspin Loses One Hall Of Fame Vote, But Gains Another

Recently, as you know, we announced that we had purchased a Hall of Fame ballot from a veteran baseball writer, with the intention of turning it over to Deadspin readers. The idea was to give a bit of power to ordinary baseball fans, and to draw attention to the increasing absurdity of the Hall of Fame process, which… » 12/23/13 2:15pm 12/23/13 2:15pm