Warren Sapp To Cops: "I Put The $600 On The Table, Everybody Got Naked"

Arizona police arrested former Bucs defensive lineman and now-fired NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp at a hotel in February after the Super Bowl, charging him with soliciting a prostitute and assault. This week, TMZ acquired videos of Sapp and the two women involved in the incident, with each side telling their… »4/21/15 12:30pm4/21/15 12:30pm

Nine High School Wrestlers Arrested For Hazing Incident Involving "Digital Penetration"

Sahuarita High School, outside of Tucson, Ariz., is down most of its wrestling team. Nine wrestlers have been charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault in connection with an apparent hazing incident last week, which they unwisely pulled off in a full locker room with plenty of witnesses. »1/23/13 12:40pm1/23/13 12:40pm

Arizona's Three Losses Are The Worst Three Losses In College Football

Candidate for most crud-awful season in football this year: the Arizona Wildcats. Started 3-0, including handsome win over Oklahoma State team to get expectations buzzing. The Associated Press ranked the Cats for the first time since 2010. Next came a 56-0 paste job of South Carolina State. Oats were being felt. »10/06/12 8:49pm10/06/12 8:49pm

Police Shut Down Illegal Horse Racing Track On Side Of Arizona Highway

Pantoji, a little dirt track by the highway 60 miles south of Phoenix, has been holding two- and three-horse races for years, with admission at $10 a head. It wasn't licensed, it wasn't monitored, and it violated just about every gambling statute on the books. And now it's closed, after authorities raided the track… »6/14/12 10:40am6/14/12 10:40am