NFL Player's Boyfriend: Teammates Knew We Were Humping And Didn't Mind

Anyone wondering whether an NFL locker room would accept a gay teammate? Check out this interview with Russell "Hollywood" Simpson, the man who says he's Kerry Rhodes's former lover (emphasis ours): » 4/18/13 7:04pm 4/18/13 7:04pm

Marcus Vick Is Still Acting Like A Dumbass On Twitter

Why does Marcus Vick still have a Twitter account? You would think that somebody from Michael Vick's camp would have forced him to shut it down after he went on a "Trade my brother!" rant back in November. But no, Marcus is still using everyone's favorite social media platform to say horrible and stupid things. What's he … » 4/17/13 10:45am 4/17/13 10:45am

Kerry Rhodes Insists He's Not Gay, But At Least He Insists It Nicely

Lost in yesterday's important news was this "SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE" from MediaTakeOut: Kerry Rhodes kissed a dude on the head. And not just any dude, but a dude who is said to be Rhodes's assistant, and gay. [Update: We've taken down MTO's photos. See note at the bottom.] » 4/16/13 4:17pm 4/16/13 4:17pm

Matt Cassel And Kevin Kolb Are Getting Cut

It's the end of two eras. Two sad, frustrating eras marked with wasted promise and ill-advised trades and inept quarterbacking. Matt Cassel was released by the Chiefs today, and the Cardinals are expected to cut Kevin Kolb by the weekend. The only question left is: which one of them will end up on the Jets? » 3/14/13 11:43am 3/14/13 11:43am

Twitter Loves The Orlando Magic, Has Never Heard Of The Arizona…

The Wall Street Journal has helpfully assembled the sort of slow-news-month story that lets you forget that none of the four major sports (five, if you include college football) is playing many meaningful games at the moment. In it, the incomparably named Stu Woo compiled the Twitter follower counts for every team in… » 3/02/13 1:30pm 3/02/13 1:30pm