Drew Stanton Danced And Carson Palmer Told The Crowd To Suck It

While a new piece of Peyton Manning falls onto the field every week, another aging quarterback with an injury history is having his Kurt Warner period. Carson Palmer didn’t have the cleanest game Sunday against the Seahawks—with two of his three turnovers resulting in touchdowns—but he did come away with the win, and… »11/16/15 1:55pm11/16/15 1:55pm

John Brown And The Cardinals Despise Your Fantasy Team

Arizona wide receiver John Brown was questionable with a bum hamstring before he was declared active for yesterday’s game, a 34-20 win in Cleveland, but spent the game a-mouldering on the sideline. Who knows why he didn’t play? Bruce Arians spoke about discovering and developing his WR depth and displaying offensive… »11/02/15 3:35pm11/02/15 3:35pm

Arizona Cardinals Hire First Female Coach In NFL History

The Arizona Cardinals have hired Jen Welter as a “training camp/preseason intern coaching inside linebackers,” making her the first female coach in NFL history. Welter, who played 14 seasons of professional football and was on the staff of the Texas Revolution in the Indoor Football League before Cardinals head coach… »7/27/15 9:34pm7/27/15 9:34pm

PSA: Don't Leave Tyrann Mathieu Or Animals Or Kids In Hot Cars

Cardinals safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu teamed up with PETA to make this video showing the effects on a healthy adult of sitting in a car on a hot day. It was 90 degrees outside, and within eight minutes it was 120 degrees inside. If Mathieu couldn’t make it just eight minutes without getting violently ill,… »7/17/15 12:35pm7/17/15 12:35pm

Concussed Cardinals Safety Couldn't Remember Game He'd Just Played

Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson had a great game on Sunday, probably the best of his young career. He had 11 tackles—the most of any player—and his team beat Philadelphia 24-20 to advanced to 6-1, tied for the best record in the NFL. It's a game he would cherish forever, except he has no memory of it. Driving… »10/30/14 10:20pm10/30/14 10:20pm