Artifact: The "Quiet Founder" Of ESPN's $10 Million Stock Certificate

Long before ESPN was nestled against Disney's ample corporate bosom, Getty Oil owned 85 percent of the barely sentient TV network. The other 15 percent was owned by the group of entrepreneurs and speculators who got ESPN off the ground. This certificate for 100 shares belonged to one of them, Don Rasmussen. »5/07/14 11:00am5/07/14 11:00am

How To Watch Football On Television, According To 1964

Spend enough time on sports boards and you start to absorb a multimedia shorthand. Someone asks why Raul Ibañez is a defensive liability, and you automatically post an animated gif of his laser-like throw from the outfield right into the dirt eight feet in front of him. Someone wonders why people dislike Laker fans,… »2/02/13 3:00pm2/02/13 3:00pm

The Best Super Bowl Documentary You've Never Seen (Featuring Bill Murray, Groupies, And Bob Irsay Being A Dick)

TVTV (Top Value Television), a group I co-founded, was a band of merry videomakers who, from 1972 to 1977, took the then-new portable video camera and went out to document the world. In those days, there were only three TV networks, using giant studio cameras, and no one had ever seen a portable camera stuck in their… »2/02/13 10:15am2/02/13 10:15am