Rays Owner Says Terrible Attendance Will Affect Team's Payroll

Rays owner Stuart Sternberg set his sights high: "I felt we would be 28th, maybe with a shot at 27th." Surely, with the treasonous Marlins and the ignored Astros in existence, the Rays could draw more fans than at least a couple other teams. But no. Look at the charts. The Rays are dead last in MLB, having drawn an… »9/25/13 11:00am9/25/13 11:00am

Raiders Will Reduce Seating Capacity To The NFL's Smallest In Attempt To Avoid TV Blackouts

Oakland came in dead last in attendance this season, an average of 54,217 per game. That's just 86 percent of the capacity at Coliseum, already one of the smallest stadiums in the NFL at 63,132. Not small enough. Nearly every game, the Raiders ran up against the NFL's blackout rules, which dictate that 85 percent… »2/07/13 2:45pm2/07/13 2:45pm

Phillies' Sellout Streak, Which Was Fake Anyway, Ends At 257 Games

Last night, an announced crowd of 41,665 showed up to Citizen Bank Park to watch the listless Phillies put up a token effort against Atlanta, a 6-1 loss that put them 14 games out of a wild card spot. It was the smallest crowd of the year, and the first time since July 2009 the Phillies failed to sell out the ballpark. »8/07/12 1:15pm8/07/12 1:15pm

Mets Announce Largest Crowd In Citi Field History, Apparently Counting Empty Seats As Fans

The Mets' announced attendance of 42,080 is the largest in the three-plus years of Citi Field. This is a stunning turnaround from this morning, when thousands of tickets were still available. And an even more stunning turnaround from earlier in the game, when it sure as hell looked like there were a ton of empty seats. »4/05/12 4:00pm4/05/12 4:00pm