NHL Will Announce Most Awards Friday Evening, Does Not Understand How News Cycle Works

Because of the lockout, there will be no fancy NHL awards ceremony in Las Vegas this year. Instead they'll announce the winners in two live broadcasts, split over two nights. The first comes at 5 p.m. EDT this Friday, the precise time when every media-savvy company in the world is dumping bad news because no one is…

Esquire Writer Is Sad He Won't Win A National Magazine Award, So We Made A Special Prize For Him

We at Deadspin can't bear the thought of hardworking, important, tell-it-like-it-is writers being denied the pleasure of winning major awards. That's why we were heartbroken to learn this week that Chris Jones, a former blogger and current writer for Esquire and ESPN and the winner of two (2) National Magazine…

LeBron James Wins MVP, Says Championship Is "All That Matters To Me." The Rest Of The World: "Rings"

LeBron won his third MVP, joining some pretty stellar company. He said all the right things, noting that the Miami has a bigger goal. Did that stop people from going the "No rings" route?

Lebron is, as ever, an easy target but he really could not have handled this whole thing better. And, as ever, no one cared.


Here's The AOL Column That Got Bill Simmons Hired By ESPN, In Which He Calls The ESPYs A "TV Holocaust"

ESPN's initial courtship of Bill Simmons has the air of an urban legend. Simmons wrote a column excoriating the bloated and self-congratulatory ESPY Awards, and that column was rapidly forwarded around Bristol, putting the Boston Sports Guy on ESPN's radar. Much like Aeschylus's lost plays, the ESPY diary was known…