Azerbaijani Journalist Killed After Criticizing Star Player On Facebook

In the heat of the moment, I bet family members of athletes who are unfairly shit on by the local hot-take purveyors in the media have fantasized about exacting revenge. In Azerbaijan, one player’s family members took this impulse a little too far and actually killed a guy for insulting their relative on Facebook. »8/11/15 6:24pm8/11/15 6:24pm


Azerbaijan's Stinky Olympic Wrestling Team Is Sponsored By Febreze

It kind of makes sense for a group of sweaty, smelly wrestlers to partner up with a product that stakes its business model on eliminating odors. If nothing else, we get to see some poor sap take a hefty whiff of some wrestler's headgear and compare it to passionfruit. (Related: Don't ever put a blindfold without… »5/11/12 5:15pm5/11/12 5:15pm