Brian Hoyer Couldn't Remember The Plays After Suffering A Concussion

The Houston Chronicle reports that Brian Hoyer will not play on Sunday vs. the Jets, with T.J. Yates starting and newly signed Brandon Weeden backing up. Hoyer has yet to pass the tests to get out of the NFL’s concussion protocol, after a scary reaction to what looked at the time like a workaday hit. »11/19/15 2:15pm11/19/15 2:15pm

Wes Welker Is Back And It Feels Terrible

By all accounts—his own, his teams’, and a top NFL-affiliated concussion specialist’s—Wes Welker is healthy and ready to play. St. Louis badly needs a receiver. Still, when the Rams announced they signed Welker to bolster their etiolated passing attack, my first reaction was disappointment. It’s a strange feeling, to… »11/10/15 9:44am11/10/15 9:44am

U.S. Soccer Bans Headers For Players Under 11 To Resolve Concussion Lawsuit

The United States Soccer Federation has taken a major step in an attempt to reduce concussions among youth soccer players, adopting a policy that bans players under 11 from heading the ball and reducing headers in practice for 11 to 13 year olds, the New York Times reports. The new rules—which also include changes to… »11/10/15 12:31am11/10/15 12:31am

Teddy Bridgewater Left Momentarily Unconscious After Taking A Vicious Hit

Teddy Bridgewater was attempting to slide for a first down when Lamarcus Joyner ran into him and knocked him unconscious with this vicious elbow strike. The tackle drew an unnecessary roughness penalty. Bridgewater laid there unconscious for a while, before leaving the game to be evaluated for concussion symptoms.
»11/08/15 4:10pm11/08/15 4:10pm

Kyle Turley: "Suicidal And Homicidal Tendencies Became A Part Of My Daily Living"

Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley appeared on Highly Questionable today to push for more research into the usage of marijuana to treat football injuries, instead of pharmaceuticals. Since he retired in 2007, Turley has been quite outspoken about the damaging health effects of football. He was interviewed at… »11/05/15 8:18pm11/05/15 8:18pm

NFL Backs Scientist Who Explains CTE As Ex-NFLers Being Sad They Aren't Famous Anymore

The NFL is, to be polite, discerning about what kind of brain research it endorses in the ongoing study of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). So far, it seems to favor better helmets (which are bullshit) and better sideline procedures (the chief of which, the King-Devick test, might not be bullshit). It also… »10/25/15 1:20pm10/25/15 1:20pm

Syracuse QB Eric Dungey Takes Brutal Helmet-To-Helmet Hit, Comes Back In The Game

#25 Pitt beat Syracuse today on a last-second field goal in the Carrier Dome thanks to two rushing touchdowns by RB Qadree Ollison, who has the best name in college football. In the first play of the second half, Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey was laid out with this vicious helmet-to-helmet hit from Pitt linebacker… »10/24/15 3:35pm10/24/15 3:35pm

Jags Coach: Bernard Pierce May Have Blocked For The Wrong Team Because He Had A Concussion

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Bernard Pierce made a bit of news after his team’s game on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wherein he blocked for the other team during a second-quarter kickoff. It was a funny, surprising little brain fart that became even funnier after the game when Pierce couldn’t come up… »10/13/15 9:34am10/13/15 9:34am

Is The Fight Game About To Destroy Yet Another Legend?

Fedor Emelianenko will be 39 years old when he returns to Japan to fight on New Year’s Eve. His comeback will be promoted by an organization so new that it only announced its name—Rizin Fighting Federation—after announcing the fight. His most recently rumored opponent is a relatively unknown, used-to-be-decent… »10/12/15 11:52am10/12/15 11:52am