"Team Obama Loses Early Wicket": The Romney-Obama Debate Was Like Every Sport Conceivable, According To Internet

The debate Wednesday could be compared to many things—a slow dance in which the partners are holding potato peelers to each other's throats, perhaps, or a restaurant in which you, the diner, get to watch a prep cook slow-spit on your burger before it's served—but of course everyone immediately turned to sports… »10/04/12 3:30pm

Don't Blame Badminton Players For Throwing Matches. Blame The Sport's Crappy System.

Four teams of women—two from South Korea, one from China, one from Indonesia—were kicked out of the Olympics after they all attempted to lose their matches in the group stage. It was a farce, bringing boos from the crowd and condemnation from the Olympic and badminton communities. Yet the fault lies not with the… »8/01/12 11:35am

Eight Badminton Players Who Tried To Throw Games Disqualified From Olympics

A bizarre scene unfolded yesterday at Wembley Arena as badminton teams from China and South Korea both attempted to throw the match in order to attain a preferable elimination round seed and drew massive boos from the audience for playing roughly in the manner you or I would while drunk at a backyard barbecue. »8/01/12 8:10am

American Beach Volleyball Players Respect The Sanctity Of The Bikini

You may notice some wardrobe changes while watching beach volleyball at these Olympics: A good number of teams will forego the traditional bikini in favor of loose-fitting shorts and t-shirts. But not the principled American women! The U.S. beach volleyball team will stick with the briefest of uniforms that they've… »7/27/12 11:15am