People Who Hate Air Conditioning Are Commie Assholes

It’s summer again, which means it’s time for a whole new round of dirty hippie assholes smarming up the Internet with their anti-air conditioning takes. Even the Pope got in on it. NOT COOL, COOL POPE. Anyway, these air conditioning shamers are a scourge and they must be destroyed, starting with the editor-in-chief of… » 7/06/15 4:25pm Monday 4:25pm

Deadcast: Did La’el Collins Stiff A Hooker Who Ate His Ass Out?

It’s the question of our time, really: Did Dallas Cowboys rookie free agent lineman La’el Collins help himself to a free tossed salad? A self-proclaimed “orally gifted” escort who goes by the handle of THROATZILLA certainly thinks so, and she publicly unloaded both barrels on Collins earlier this month by making her… » 6/16/15 6:01pm 6/16/15 6:01pm

The Best Entourage Cast Outtakes From Their GQ Cover Story

Earlier this week, GQ posted a big profile I did of the Entourage cast for their upcoming movie. As always, there was plenty of juicy shit that couldn’t make its way into the final piece, like Jeremy Piven’s thoughts on In-N-Out Burger, which are very important for you to know about. You can read many of those… » 5/28/15 11:05am 5/28/15 11:05am

The World Is A Hurtful Goddamn Mess: A Message To The Class Of 2015

Oh, God. Grad season. THE WORST. Yes, it’s that time of year when colleges around the nation pay $50,000+ a pop for some celebrity or politician or (God help the children) author to come in and spray hot knowledge all over the senior class before the kids can finally stand in line for a diploma and get on with their… » 5/19/15 1:50pm 5/19/15 1:50pm