Miss America Was Kicked Out of Her Sorority for Abusive Hazing

On paper, Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev reads like a forward-thinking person's dream of what a beauty queen could be. She's a trilingual honors student who's publicly passionate about women's health and down to clown with Jimmy Kimmel; she's got a squeaky-clean image and a squeaky-clean resume. But it's missing one… »9/22/14 4:42pm9/22/14 4:42pm

Miss USA Candidates Attempt To Answer A Question About Evolution, Fail At It

I'll warn you that this video, compiled and edited by the Miami New Times, is uniquely horrific. In it, Miss USA Pageant 2011 contestants attempt to answer — or simply to formulate words in a coherent sentence about the idea proposed — whether or not evolution should be taught in schools. The New Times admits to… »6/21/11 4:15pm6/21/11 4:15pm