Damon Wayans Defends Bill Cosby, Calls Victims 'Unrapeable' 

In a Friday interview with New York’s 105.1 Breakfast Club radio show, Damon Wayans offered a long and stereotypical defense of Bill Cosby. Cosby has now been accused by more than 45 women of rape and sexual assault. In July, 35 of those women—ranging in age from 44 to 80— appeared on the cover of New York magazine… »9/06/15 4:05pm9/06/15 4:05pm

Old Cosby Show Episode About ‘Secret Sauce’ Is Creepy Now

After the revelation of Bill Cosby’s horrifying sexual assault history and details surfacing of the 2005 deposition wherein the 78-year-old comedian admitted to obtaining quaaludes to give to women that he wanted to have sex with, his well-loved family sitcom, The Cosby Show, is now looked back at in a different way.… »7/19/15 6:01pm7/19/15 6:01pm

Cosby Admits to "Calculated Pursuit" of Young Women in Full Deposition

In Bill Cosby’s full deposition from 2005, which has recently been obtained by The New York Times, Cosby admits to offering career advice, using his wealth, and even asking one young women about her dead father’s cancer as a mens of “pushing them for sex acts.” All of which he spoke about—while under oath—with “casual… »7/18/15 10:59pm7/18/15 10:59pm

Bill Cosby's Wife: Women Consented to Drugs and Sex 

The New York Post reports that, during a meeting on Tuesday night, Bill Cosby’s wife Camille told a group of close professional advisors that she believes her husband’s accusers consented to both drugs and sex. Camille Cosby’s words come on the heels of an Associated Press report of a 2005 deposition in which Bill… »7/12/15 3:01pm7/12/15 3:01pm

Here Are The Documents Bill Cosby Didn't Want You To Read [Updated]

Today saw the unsealing of documents from the 2005 civil suit in which Andrea Constand said Bill Cosby drugged and raped her while she worked at Temple University. The unsealing followed a request from the Associated Press, which Cosby’s legal team fought it on the grounds that Cosby isn’t a “public” person. Federal… »7/06/15 6:42pm7/06/15 6:42pm

Cosby Claims He's Not A Public Figure To Keep Embarrassing Docs Sealed

Bill Cosby, who has sold out arenas, who has been televised into millions of homes, who lectured America on the virtues of buckled pants, who has spoken at rally after rally, who has served on the board of trustees of a public university, claims he is not a public figure. Or rather, that’s the argument his lawyers… »6/29/15 8:10pm6/29/15 8:10pm

Norm Macdonald: Eddie Murphy Was To Be Cosby In Celebrity Jeopardy!

Norm Macdonald turned storyteller on Twitter tonight, sharing his experience of being involved with Sunday's Saturday Night Live 40th-anniversary episode and revealing that "Celebrity Jeopardy!" sketch writers originally called for Eddie Murphy to play Bill Cosby—but that the Norbit star begged off at the last… »2/18/15 10:10pm2/18/15 10:10pm

The ND Player Bill Cosby Berated Felt Like A Failure For Years Afterward

Yesterday, we told you about the time Bill Cosby acted like a dickbag and made a Notre Dame All-American football player named Dean Brown cry at his graduation in 1989. This morning, we received an email from a guy named Jerry Barca, who wrote a book about the 1988 Notre Dame season and saw firsthand just how deep and… »11/21/14 10:58am11/21/14 10:58am

Alleged Rapist Bill Cosby Bullies Reporter, Explains How Life Works

The problem with most conspiracy theories about how the media works is that they assume power exerts itself overtly. The truth is that it doesn't have to. Journalists are rarely told by powerful or influential people not to cover certain stories; they usually simply decline to cover them out of a variety of motives,… »11/20/14 10:46am11/20/14 10:46am

​Who Wants to Remember Bill Cosby's Multiple Sex-Assault Accusations?

The thing about Dylan Farrow's open letter accusing her father, Woody Allen, of sexual abuse is: There was not much really new about it. It was new that Dylan Farrow herself was signing her name to the accusations, but Vanity Fair had covered the case, in grim detail, more than two decades ago. »2/04/14 5:40pm2/04/14 5:40pm