Requiem For FanHouse: The Fantasy Sports Girls Mutiny

FanHouse ceased to exist as an independent identity today, being swallowed up by the Sporting News. After many years of excellent work and one of the more talented writing staffs ever assembled, we thought we'd recall the site's finest moment: when some higher-up decided sex sells, and the writers revolted. » 3/01/11 1:00pm 3/01/11 1:00pm

The Edmonton Oilers Will Not Tolerate Your Live-Blogging Shenanigans

Last Sunday, the proprietor of the Covered in Oil » 10/18/08 1:00pm 10/18/08 1:00pm blog was live-blogging the Oilers-Avalanche game. There was just one tiny problem. It was in violation of his press pass, or something. Turns out that the blogger actually has an MSM job, for which his tasks mostly consist of grabbing player quotes following the game.…

Lil' Wayne Brings Much Needed Grizzy Element To ESPN

The rapper personally responsible for rejuvenating hip hop has now cashed in a huge chunk of his street credibility for a chance to blog for ESPN. His first entry was published today ( Title: AARON RODGERS 'HAS BEEN WONDERFUL') and it's surprisingly more coherent than many of Stephen A. Smith's face-typed ramblings.… » 9/25/08 5:30pm 9/25/08 5:30pm

Luddite University of Iowa Athletic Department Limits Blogging at Games

Before Kirk Ferentz's press conference yesterday a blogging policy was passed out to credentialed media members. What did this policy state? Well, here goes » 9/05/08 4:30pm 9/05/08 4:30pm, "The following is the NCAA’s policy for the number of blogs allowed during a competition or session (i.e., where more than one contest takes place under the…

Why, I'll Show You Rumormongering, Mr. Reporter Man

In the column inches of metro daily paper on a peaceful Saturday morning, somewhere between the high school box scores and soft news on retired athletes, you wouldn't expect to find a rant about blogs. » 11/03/07 6:45pm 11/03/07 6:45pm

As a Tigers fan, I knew about Zumaya's untimely injury, but I didn't hear about the dirt bike angle. Unfortunately,…