The Hilariously Inept Rockies Let A Run Score On A Throw Back To The Mound

With a runner on third in the second inning of this afternoon's game, Jhoulys Chacin got a little too casual snatching at the return throw from his catcher. He deflected the ball into the precise no-man's-land between the mound and second, and Juan Francisco scampered home with Atlanta's first run. The Rockies'… »9/06/12 1:30pm9/06/12 1:30pm

Jason Bay Is Bad At Defense And Also At Not Hurting Himself

Jason Bay has never been known for his glove (or hasn't he?), and in recent years he hasn't been known for his bat. So maybe that's why he gave 110 percent last night in trying to track down a fly ball off the bat of Gregor Blanco. A valiant effort, and a ton of glove on the ball, but all Bay has to show for his… »4/24/12 1:45pm4/24/12 1:45pm

Marc-Andre Fleury Was Not Injured, So Feel Free To Laugh At Him Getting Bulldozed By A Teammate

Until we could get word on his condition, we've avoided making fun of Marc-Andre Fleury's collision after leaving his net for a poke check on Frans Nielsen's breakaway at the end of the second period of a 5-3 Islanders win. Stifle mirth no longer! The Penguins netminder is fine after taking an elbow to the head from… »3/28/12 2:20pm3/28/12 2:20pm

Cricketer Takes 86 MPH Ball To The Crotch, Cracking His Cup

Kane Williamson was a hero on the fifth day of New Zealand's test against South Africa, and not just because he recorded a century and salvaged a draw after entering the afternoon facing down an enormous deficit. Early on he took a ball directly to the groin, a delivery that split his cup—or as per the cricket term,… »3/27/12 10:30am3/27/12 10:30am

Devin Setoguchi Falls On His Ass In Season's Worst Shootout Attempt

The Wild, down three with four minutes remaining in regulation, miraculously sent the game to overtime on Devin Setoguchi's goal with ten seconds left. It's hero and goat for Setoguchi, who wiped out on Minnesota's last shootout attempt. Since forward progress was stopped, Carey Price didn't need to make a stick… »3/02/12 9:40am3/02/12 9:40am

Watch A Cop Take A Baseball To The Head At Last Night's Indians/White Sox Game

Tipster Andrew D. was kind enough to share this video of a foul ball deflecting from the stands at Progressive Field in Cleveland onto the dome of a sideline cop. At first, he's on the edge of seething, but then he sees the whimsy of the moment and just goes back to his responsibilities to God, Country and Team. »7/23/11 4:00pm7/23/11 4:00pm