Bob Knight Won't Speak About Mike Rice, And ESPN Says No Problem

This has been a terrific week for ESPN. Outside The Lines's bombshell on Mike Rice on Tuesday still has legs two days later. ESPN investigative reporter Don Van Natta delivered even more goods today, detailing inconsistencies in Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti's statements to the press and the fact that Rice allegedly called… »4/04/13 7:10pm4/04/13 7:10pm

Start Your Weekend With An Inspirational Quote From Bob Knight

Bob Knight has a new book out next week. It's called The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results, because Bob Knight is still playing his (lucrative) role as college basketball's senile great-uncle. He sat down with Andrew Goldman for the New York Times Magazine's weekly… »3/01/13 6:05pm3/01/13 6:05pm

UK-Vandy Refs Blow Shot Clock Violation Call, Hand Game To Kentucky, Baffle And Confuse A Senile-Sounding Bob Knight

Poor officiating continues to be the story of this college basketball season, as SEC refs swallowed the whistle on a clear Kentucky shot clock violation late in the Wildcats' bout against Vanderbilt in Nashville tonight and allowed UK to march home to Lexington with a 60-58 win. »1/10/13 11:33pm1/10/13 11:33pm

Twitter's Favorite Anonymous Sportswriter Has Some Thoughts On Bobby Knight's Latest Embarrassing Debacle

Angry former basketball coach Bobby Knight, now an ESPN color analyst, will not speak the name of those loathsome Kentucky Wildcats on air. Most everyone knows this by now, but no one has been able to get Knight on the record regarding his bratty behavior. So when The Big Lead's Jason McIntrye procured Knight's cell… »3/20/12 9:15pm3/20/12 9:15pm

Bob Knight Continues His Solo Defamation Crusade Against John Calipari

Bob Knight can't bullwhip his players anymore, and so over the past few years he's redirected his unmitigated anger about college athletics. It now rests squarely on the head of Kentucky basketball pimp John Calipari. On Saturday, Knight spoke to some Hoosiers at a banquet in Wabash, Ind. and claimed that the starting… »4/19/11 2:45pm4/19/11 2:45pm

Bob Knight Interrupts Speech To Give Job Recommendation

Cell phone etiquette: we've mostly nailed it down. Don't talk while driving. Don't text during class. Don't clean your ear with the antenna. Bob Knight probably treats cell phone like the 3-point line in basketball. He'll begrudgingly accept them into his world, but the minute he's appointed Mayor Of The World, he's… »6/14/08 2:00pm6/14/08 2:00pm

Missing The Terrible (And Amazing) Authoritarianism Of Bob Knight

When we first began studying to be a journalist at the University of Illinois — as much as one ever "studies" to be a journalist — one of our professors told us that you're not really a journalist until you've done the worst, but necessary, job in the journ world: You've called up the family of someone who has died in… »2/05/08 9:15am2/05/08 9:15am