Which Olympians Are Getting The Dead-Relative Sob-Story Treatment?

On Sunday we saw NBC badger Bode Miller to the point of tears over his brother's death last year, a particularly brazen example of the network turning Olympic achievement into a story of overcoming personal loss. While no other athletes have been shoved and stuffed into a prefab storyline the way Miller was, several… »2/17/14 2:25pm2/17/14 2:25pm

The Non-Skier's Guide To Ski Racing (And Ski Crashing)

Olympic skiing began this morning—men's downhill, airing on tape delay at 11 a.m.—and if you're like most viewers, you either watch the sport with quadrennial befuddlement or you change the channel entirely. As a former ski racer, and someone who started scooting around on skis at about the same time I was working out… »2/09/14 10:30am2/09/14 10:30am

Bode Miller Accidentally Destroyed His Wife's Face With A Golf Ball

That butchered face you see there belongs to professional volleyball player Morgan (Beck) Miller, who happens to be the wife of Bode Miller, the alpine skiing Olympic gold medalist and world champion. Seems the Millers were out playing a little golf together yesterday. And we can safely conclude that Bode Miller… »12/13/12 11:50am12/13/12 11:50am