The Best Passages From ESPN The Magazine's 7,000-Word Feature On The Alabama Teabagging Video

You remember when Brian Downing teabagged a passed-out Garrison Stamp after last year's BCS title game, right? Of course you do, because the entire thing was breathtakingly stupid and cruel and hilarious in its own awful way, and you've probably watched the video of the incident a dozen times. »11/15/12 6:24pm11/15/12 6:24pm


Brian Downing, Krystal Restaurant Named In "Alabama Teabagger" Lawsuit

Remember Brian Downing? He's the gentleman alleged to have been caught on video performing a certain sexual act on a passed-out LSU fan in the hours after the BCS Championship game this year in New Orleans. (See our full coverage here.) That act, which the New Orleans Times-Picayune describes as "placing his… »5/10/12 12:10pm5/10/12 12:10pm

No, The Alabama Teabagger Did Not Fly To The BCS Title Game On His Cousin The Sheriff's Private Jet. (What?)

Here's a fun detail about Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor, second cousin of Alabama teabagger Brian Downing, whose famous nuts Taylor helped deliver into the law's hands: "Sheriff Taylor says he was at the BCS Championship game but did not know his cousin was there. The Sheriff goes on to say that Downing did not… »1/20/12 11:55am1/20/12 11:55am

When Should You Teabag Someone? A Flowchart Explains

An important social issue has arisen from the debate around the New Orleans teabag incident last weekend: When is it OK to teabag someone who has not specifically asked to be teabagged by you? Sometimes, police call that kind of thing sexual battery, but police terms can be confusing! To help settle the uncertainty,… »1/19/12 6:05pm1/19/12 6:05pm

NSFW: An Alabama Fan Teabagged A Passed-Out LSU Fan At The Bourbon Street Krystal [UPDATE]

Those of us un/fortunate enough to have visited the Krystal restaurant at the mouth of Bourbon Street in New Orleans know it's a place where the occasionally odd, bizarre, or criminal events take place. We don't know which of these this incident is, if not all three. That's especially given that some people are… »1/15/12 3:10pm1/15/12 3:10pm