Dolphins O-Line Coach Was Aware Of, Participated In Harassment

A portion of Ted Wells's investigation into the Miami Dolphins locker room focuses on offensive line coach Jim Turner. According to the report, Turner was aware of much of the harassment suffered by Jonathan Martin and another anonymous teammate at the hands of his players, and in one case even participated in the… »2/14/14 12:11pm2/14/14 12:11pm


Messages Between Jonathan Martin And His Parents Are Heartbreaking

Included in Ted Wells's investigation into the Jonathan Martin bullying case is a series of messages Jonathan Martin wrote to his mother and father detailing the the extreme mental distress he felt while a member of the Dolphins. While the outward-facing Martin may have been bro-ishly friendly with Incognito, the… »2/14/14 11:21am2/14/14 11:21am

Football Players Hate Each Other More Than You Think

We were sitting around in Jimmy's* room one night during second semester and Jimmy told me I had to have a nickname. I was excited for this. I really wanted a nickname. I thought having a nickname would make me cool as shit. Maybe my nickname would be Margarita, which kind of sounded like my last name! Or maybe it… »11/04/13 12:40pm11/04/13 12:40pm

Ultimate Wrestling Slams Between Staten Island School Deans And Autistic Kids Aren't Cool

Brian Shane is a 15-year-old "highly functioning autistic" boy. The tale-of-the-tape lists him at 5-foot-10, 175 pounds. He gets picked on a lot at South Richmond High in Tottenville, Staten Island. In the last five instances of bullying turned physical, he's 0-5. The sanctioning body School District hasn't stepped… »3/24/11 9:15pm3/24/11 9:15pm

The Ultimate Anti-Bullying PSA: Kid Fights Back With Devastating Body Slam

Casey's had enough. The bigger kid on the right "has been bullied his whole school life," says the video description, "and this is what happens when he snaps!!" Hence the jackknife powerbomb. The Facebook commenters are universally in his corner, as we all should be, but the school didn't see it that way: Casey was… »3/14/11 11:50am3/14/11 11:50am