A TV Camera Caught A Woman Either Scratching Or Fondling Herself After Sunday's Pistons-Clippers Game

Here's a little something that may or may not be eligible for our C-Roll stash, and it comes to us from those intrepid sleaze merchants over at Busted Coverage. Keep your eye on the woman in red in the video above, which was recorded just after Sunday's Pistons-Clippers game. I'm not sure who narrated this, but… »3/21/12 12:16pm3/21/12 12:16pm

The C-Roll's Happy Ending: A Back-Row Handjob At A Marlins Game (NSFW)

The finale of the C-Roll brings us, presumably, to what we now call Sun Life Stadium, where young love once possibly blossomed in the back row of some forgotten section—the details are now lost to history. There's no game audio attached to this one, so there's no way to determine when it was shot, or what kind of… »9/27/11 8:00pm9/27/11 8:00pm

C-Roll Stash: Cleavage At The Ballpark, Cleavage At The Boxing Match, And An O.J. Simpson Cameo (NSFW)

We are nearing the end of the C-Roll footage, America. After today, only a single clip remains, so please, gather 'round to celebrate this disgusting national treasure. We've seen it all, haven't we? SkyDome sex, cheap seat sex, bleacher blowjobs, and possible flagpole sex. And you can't un-see any of it! »9/23/11 8:00pm9/23/11 8:00pm

C-Roll Stash: In Which Unspeakable Things Happen To A Flagpole At A NASCAR Tailgate (NSFW)

We're almost to the halfway point of the "C-roll" stash and this portion picks up just where we left off last night, with more bleacher boinking and boob-flashing and ice cream cone fellatio coming at you as quickly as the Eddie Van Halen finger-tapping solo accompanying it. Once the song ends, the taped-over… »9/22/11 8:00pm9/22/11 8:00pm

More From The C-Roll Stash: Boobs And People With Boobs Eating Ice Cream (NSFW)

The origins of the C-Roll, from which we've been posting excerpts all week, are a bit of a mystery. We know, thanks to our anonymous contributor, that the video had "been passed around throughout the years" and added to by various production assistants and cameramen. Somewhere along the way, though, one of those… »9/21/11 8:00pm9/21/11 8:00pm

Found: A Vintage Collection Of NSFW Footage Of Stadium Sex, Nip-Slips, Boob-Flashes At Sporting Events

Remember that classic footage of a Fenway Park threesome from the early '90s that mysteriously appeared on YouTube last month? We asked that you send us tips about similar footage, and one reader mailed us DVD compilation of stadium smut that's apparently part of broadcasting lore. »9/19/11 6:59pm9/19/11 6:59pm