Introducing Sonny ****, The Cal Bears' New Football Coach

A little more than two weeks after firing Jeff Tedford, the Cal Bears have their man: They've hired Louisiana Tech coach Sonny ****. ****'s Bulldogs had the nation's top-ranked offense this season; they averaged 51.5 points and 577.92 yards per game. ****'s Tech team finished with a 9-3 record but will not be playing… »12/06/12 5:20pm12/06/12 5:20pm


Saying Goodbye To Pete Newell, The Greatest There Ever Was

The two greatest basketball coaches who ever lived are now gone. One you've probably never heard of: George "Bud" Presley, who labored in obscurity for most of his career »11/18/08 5:30pm11/18/08 5:30pm at a junior college in Atherton, Calif., and who passed away in 2003. But his is a story for another day. Let us talk now of Pete Newell, who won an…