Here's Every Shot Carmelo Anthony Made In His 62-Point Night

Carmelo Anthony had the highest scoring game ever at Madison Square Garden last night and surpassed Bernard King's 60 for the franchise record of points scored in a game. Once Melo passed King (and Kobe Bryant's MSG record of 61 points) he was removed with over seven minutes remaining because the Knicks were thrashing … » 1/25/14 10:08am 1/25/14 10:08am

Even Carmelo Wanted To Sleep Instead Of Watch The Knicks Yesterday

Yesterday's slate of NBA games sucked. The sleeved jerseys had everyone looking like rec league handball players, and we had to watch the the Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls squat and take a dump on the collective chest of the Brooklyn Nets. And then we had to watch the New York Knicks. » 12/26/13 12:05pm 12/26/13 12:05pm

Carmelo Anthony Is Reading Your Mean Instagram Comments About Him

Sometimes you're just posting pics on Instagram, trying to get your mind of a rough start to the season. And maybe you need a laugh, maybe some motivation to remind you not to take anything for granted, so you venture down the page to the comments section. You know there's going to be hate, but why not read just a bit? … » 12/04/13 5:34pm 12/04/13 5:34pm

LeBron's Fourth MVP Is Pushing Him Into Ludicrous Territory

Reports are swarming that LeBron James will be named the NBA’s MVP for the fourth time in the past five seasons. Somehow this makes Derrick Rose’s 2011 MVP — the only blemish in that stretch for LeBron — seem all the more impressive, if all the more anomalous. Only four other players (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, … » 5/04/13 4:50pm 5/04/13 4:50pm

It Was Carmelo Vs. Kobe, On Opposite Coasts

Kobe Bryant might be the most predictable man on Earth. He took the court knowing that Carmelo Anthony had just gone for 50 points against Miami, with a stat sheet thick with shots and little else. In L.A., Shaquille O'Neal's jersey was being retired at halftime. Phil Jackson was in the house. Was there even the… » 4/03/13 9:02am 4/03/13 9:02am