Tony Kornheiser Defends Josh Duggar, Says Maybe He Should Keep His Job

ESPN personality Tony Kornheiser defended admitted child molester Josh Duggar on his radio show, questioning whether the reality star and former executive director of the powerful Family Research Council should be “driven from his job” for sexually abusing at least five children while he was a teenager.
»5/26/15 10:40am5/26/15 10:40am


Report: Dwight Howard's Son Showed Signs Of Abuse, Per Doctor

In August, Dwight Howard's ex-girlfriend went to children's services in Orlando to claim that Howard had used a belt to punish their six-year-old son. Yesterday, it emerged reported that Howard had been cleared after an investigation, but documents obtained today by TMZ indicate that the doctor who examined the boy… »11/17/14 3:43pm11/17/14 3:43pm

Adrian Peterson Accused Of Beating Another Son, Leaving Facial Scar

Adrian Peterson has already been indicted on charges he beat one of his children, and a new report from KHOU alleges that he beat another. KHOU reports the mother of a different four-year-old son of Peterson's filed a report with Child Protective Services because of a beating the Vikings running back gave the child. »9/15/14 7:39pm9/15/14 7:39pm

Pennsylvania Governor's Handling Of The Jerry Sandusky Investigation Is Now An Election Talking Point

Soon after Jerry Sandusky's arrest last November, the focus turned toward the insular overlap of several powerful Pennsylvania institutions: Penn State, The Second Mile (Sandusky's charity), and governor Tom Corbett, who had launched the Sandusky investigation during his previous tenure as state attorney general. »9/27/12 5:15pm9/27/12 5:15pm