ESPN Joins In Adrian Peterson Redemption Campaign; Ditka Says "I Never Had A Problem With This"

ESPN joined Sports Illustrated in the quest to redeem Adrian Peterson for beating his child today on NFL Countdown, with reporter Josina Anderson allowing the Vikings tailback the opportunity to whitewash the incident that found him indicted on felony child abuse charges without once challenging his answers; later, as…

Sports Illustrated Wants To Redeem Adrian Peterson, Even If Adrian Peterson Doesn't

Adrian Peterson doesn’t want redemption for whipping his child with a tree branch, but Sports Illustrated is delivering it to him anyway. Greg Bishop’s profile of the running back, published Tuesday, doesn’t hand out the redemption directly—it can’t, because Peterson is fine with what he did to his child— so instead…

Pennsylvania Governor's Handling Of The Jerry Sandusky Investigation Is Now An Election Talking Point

Soon after Jerry Sandusky's arrest last November, the focus turned toward the insular overlap of several powerful Pennsylvania institutions: Penn State, The Second Mile (Sandusky's charity), and governor Tom Corbett, who had launched the Sandusky investigation during his previous tenure as state attorney general.