Drew Magary Won Chopped Last Night And It’s A Goddamn National Disgrace

So imagine my surprise when I logged onto Deadspin last night and found that serial child abuser Drew Magary was participating on Chopped. That due to some combination of threatening the producers with a kitchen knife and Shibbolethian fecal rituals, he had managed to convince them that he knew how to cook a piece of… »4/08/15 10:47am4/08/15 10:47am

Our Very Own Drew Magary Is A Contestant On Chopped Tonight

Longtime readers may recall that your friend and mine Drew Magary applied to be an amateur contestant on Chopped, the Food Network’s allegedly very popular cooking show, back in July 2012. Well, he made it on, and the episode airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST. (He is one of the four people to the left.) I can promise you… »4/07/15 5:11pm4/07/15 5:11pm

Our Drew Magary Applied For A Spot On Chopped; This Is His Application

I watch a shitload of Chopped, the Food Network show where four chefs are forced to create a three-course meal in 80 minutes using random crap like smoked donkey penises and Taiwanese shitfruit. And reader Jim recently alerted me that the show was going to have a special episode dedicated to amateurs. Well, the second… »7/09/12 2:55pm7/09/12 2:55pm