Your NFL Wildcard Open Thread

Cincinnati at Houston (NBC), 4:30 p.m.: The Texans may have the superior record but they backed into the playoffs, losing three of their last four, while the Bengals haven't lost a game by more than one point since Week 9. Plus, it'd be more fun if they won, so root for them. » 1/05/13 4:15pm 1/05/13 4:15pm

Wes Welker, Clay Matthews and DeMarcus Ware Play Great In Adult Diapers

Normally we don't like to post commercials. But there's something so determined about little Wes Welker. Oh, it's for (an undefined, nebulous) charity? Wes Welker will wear the shit out of your adult diapers. And Clay Matthews and DeMarcus Ware give in to peer pressure a little too easily. If that guy's wearing… » 3/29/12 3:40pm 3/29/12 3:40pm

Let's Hear It For The Guy Who Forwent Fantasy Draft Picks To Share This …

Mike D. of central Texas "let 2 picks go through its time limit in a fantasy draft to send this" picture of Clay Matthews photobombing Aaron Rodgers during the Colts/Packers preseason game. » 8/27/11 6:30pm 8/27/11 6:30pm

Video Of Michelle Beadle, Clay Matthews Strolling To ESPY Party…

The video was taken by something called "PopCandies TV" and was sent to us by an anonymous tipster who suggests that it's enough evidence to prove that Beadle and Clay Matthews were somewhat super-friendly that enchanted evening, more so than she let on. It shows Beadle, Matthews and others strolling along the LA… » 8/03/11 8:45pm 8/03/11 8:45pm