Feds In South Carolina Using Same Law That Put Mike Vick Behind Bars To…

Six South Carolina residents find themselves involved in a constitutional law dispute all thanks to cockfighting. The individuals were convicted on federal charges related to cockfighting. Under South Carolina law such a conviction is merely a misdemeanor, carrying a maximum sentence of one year in jail—though most… » 1/29/12 11:34am 1/29/12 11:34am

Floyd Mayweather Takes In A Cockfight

These are purported videos of Floyd Mayweather at a rooster fight in San Juan, PR., instead of doing what we all wish he were doing: training for a fight with Manny Pacquiao. But this looks fun too, I guess. » 7/23/10 2:05pm 7/23/10 2:05pm

Old Cockfighting Magazine Quotes

"His cocks seemed invincible and by the end of the third day's battles those favoring other entrants were heard to remark 'the only way to kill them is with an axe.'" [The Pitch] » 12/11/08 9:15am 12/11/08 9:15am

Oh, PETA Is Just Getting Warmed Up With This Cockfighting Business

Two things to update you on concerning this Pedro Martinez cockfighting rigamaroll. First, here's the actual video that showed up on YouTube on Wednesday. It has since been taken down, but we and Gawker still have it. And now we switch you live to PETA headquarters, where battle lines have been formed, with…
» 2/08/08 11:40am 2/08/08 11:40am

This Should Cause The Mets No PR Problems Whatsoever

Pitchers and catchers haven't even begun packing, but the first sensational storyline of spring training is already here. Pedro Martinez: Cock Fighter! (As first reported by Home Run Derby.) PETA officials are sharpening their talons and animal activists are massing at the Florida border as we speak. On Wednesday… » 2/07/08 10:40am 2/07/08 10:40am

Let Us Rid Ourselves Of The Cockfighting PED Menace

We don't ask much of our cockfighting, but we do ask that it be pure. We expect the two valiant competitors to give it their absolutely best, at the highest level, on an even playing field. We have to be able to trust our sacred sport of cockfighting; there is, after all, history and tradition to worry about. » 2/04/08 5:40pm 2/04/08 5:40pm

Respect... The Cock.

First, let me apologize for neglecting all of you cockfighting fans out there for so long. I know, it hasn't been fair. But your voices have been heard, and today, we're going there. » 2/12/06 4:52pm 2/12/06 4:52pm