Discussion Discussion: Surrounded By Assholes

If you've read our previous Discussion Discussions, or the Comment Of The Fortnight-Ish columns before those, by now you're likely familiar with how they work: we artfully (we hope) and circuitously (uh, yeah) lay out an argument for how best to conduct oneself down there, and hopefully by the end you're nodding and… » 8/17/12 5:10pm 8/17/12 5:10pm

Comments Of The Fortnight-Ish: Your Racist Jokes Are The Pee-Pee In Our…

In recent articles on commenting we've discussed freshness and originality, and now, having tackled those, we're prepared to move on to the slightly weightier topic of race relations in Western culture. Well, not quite. But we are going to talk about racist jokes. » 2/28/12 6:00pm 2/28/12 6:00pm

Presenting The Best Deadspin Comments And Commenters Of 2011

Welcome to the New Year, assorted e-ne'er-do-wells. By now you've likely recovered from the family-filled, merriment-choked, productivity-free nightmare of December and are ready to return to the cozy, productivity-free familiarity of misery and isolation. Good for you. To kick off 2012 properly, your Comment Ninja… » 1/02/12 12:15pm 1/02/12 12:15pm

A Word From Your Ninjas About The Scary Changes In The Comments Section

OK, we understand there is some anger and confusion about the changes in the comments section, and we want to take the time to explain it as best we can. » 10/25/11 7:55pm 10/25/11 7:55pm