Even The Big European Powers Can't Stop The Winter World Cup In Qatar

As the tides of progress surge on, even Europe realizes its powerlessness in the face of Qatar's insistence on making the 2022 World Cup the first to be held in the winter, thus wrecking the domestic leagues' seasons. Our last hope for sanity to prevail—a defiant UEFA protecting its own highly-profitable… » 2/24/15 10:51am 2/24/15 10:51am

FIFA's Corruption Report Is Being Kept Secret For Very Dumb Reasons

Former U.S. attorney Michael J. Garcia finished his investigation into allegations of bribery in the bidding process for both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups earlier this year, and he has made it known that he would like the report to be made public. The report is currently being kept secret by Hans-Joachim Eckert, a… » 11/07/14 2:19pm 11/07/14 2:19pm

Head Of FIFA Corporate Partner Arrested In Ticket-Scalping Sting

It took a few weeks, but we've finally gotten a 2014 World Cup corruption story. Ray Whelan, the chief executive of Match Hospitality, a FIFA corporate partner that sells tickets and hospitality packages for the World Cup, was arrested on Monday as part of a Brazilian investigation into the illegal reselling of game… » 7/08/14 10:16am 7/08/14 10:16am

What if FIFA Seeded The World Cup The Way Americans Would?

FIFA is so hopelessly corrupt that today's lottery to determine World Cup round robin groups is a necessary evil. If a committee determined the groupings behind closed doors, it would surely result in political enemies being forced to face Brazil in the first round and the country giving Sepp Blatter the biggest… » 12/06/13 9:27am 12/06/13 9:27am

Ohio University Made A Bowl Game, Won Big, And Lost $78,569

How little sense does the BCS make? Well, apart from the difficult-to-calculate, in some cases negligible gains a university makes from the exposure of a bowl game—anyone applying (or donating) to Fresno State because they got crushed by SMU in the Hawaii Bowl?—the total cost of travel and accommodations basically… » 2/23/13 1:45pm 2/23/13 1:45pm

Basketball Players Spent Their Wild And Crazy All-Star Saturday Meeting…

Wojnarowski reports that Billy Hunter's dismissal, widely presumed to be an inevitability after the myriad scandals that recently punctured his cocoon of power, was voted on and affirmed by a group of NBA players this afternoon. A bit more on the meeting that sealed his fate once and for all: » 2/16/13 5:35pm 2/16/13 5:35pm

Here's The U.S. Men's National Team Friendly In Tampa That Outside the…

On Monday, we noted that the director of Europol, which conducted an investigation into the massive match-fixing scandal that has called into question a great deal of soccer's recent history, was a little surprised that the plot infiltrated the United Kingdom. Europol's Rob Wainwright told reporters, "[W]e were… » 2/09/13 12:45pm 2/09/13 12:45pm

NBA Players Association Head Billy Hunter Once Used $22,000 Of Union…

The NBAPA's board recently commissioned a independent review of the record of noted nepotism-abuser Billy Hunter, who has been union head for 16 years. Though the review found that his actions fell short of illegality, it did reveal a few odd pieces of information about the judgment of Hunter, the man that guided the… » 1/20/13 2:48pm 1/20/13 2:48pm

Boxers Are Allowed To Choose Whether To Fight Opponents Who Have Failed…

During the run-up to his fight against Danny Garcia at the Barclays Center Saturday night, Erik Morales failed two consecutive drug tests, testing positive for clenbuterol, the PED that got Alberto Contador stripped of the 2010 Tour de France title. He then passed a drug test on Friday night, meaning that he hadn't… » 10/21/12 1:15pm 10/21/12 1:15pm

Another Ridiculous Olympic Boxing Decision Gets Reversed

The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) has reversed a dubious decision in yet another Olympic boxing match, this one involving American welterweight Errol Spence Jr. and India's Krishan Vikas. Spence lost yesterday's bout with Vikas when the judges scored the fight 13-11 in favor of Vikas, a decision… » 8/04/12 10:20am 8/04/12 10:20am

A Reminder That Everything About The Olympics Is Always Corrupt

Forget the NCAA—the biggest amateur athletics scam going is the Olympic Games. The best sportsmen, sportswomen, and sportschildren in the world, all conveniently paid in "glory" and "pride" instead of money. And the Games make money, plenty of it. But a host city has never once shown a profit. So in the end, the… » 6/18/12 10:20am 6/18/12 10:20am

This Is The Porn Movie Filmed On-Field At The L.A. Coliseum [SFW]

The Los Angeles Times reported this morning on a porn film released 10 years ago that was filmed at the L.A. Coliseum on an off-week between USC football games. The Times asks how such a stunt could be executed (in the context of a corruption scandal involving the stadium's managers), but as yet there don't seem to… » 5/30/12 1:13pm 5/30/12 1:13pm

Disgraced Ex-FIFA VP Plans To Disgrace FIFA President With "Tsunami" Of…

FIFA, if you are so inclined to take notice, is potentially in the midst of a total organizational breakdown, because we're now hearing what we already knew all along: FIFA is very corrupt. This is a special breakdown, though, because it is one in which the accused person in power attempts to deflect any wrongdoing by… » 10/18/11 11:15am 10/18/11 11:15am