David Beckham Can't Find Anywhere To Build His Soccer Stadium In Miami

In February, Major League Soccer announced David Beckham would buy an expansion franchise to play in Miami for only $25 million, a perk from the contract Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. The same day, Beckham revealed that he planned to build a new stadium for the team, funding the $400 million… » 7/22/14 2:37pm 7/22/14 2:37pm

David Beckham is starting a Major League Soccer franchise in Miami. With the location decided, he now just needs approval from the league, which is trying to expand to 24 teams by 2020. He'll get it. [The Telegraph] » 10/30/13 10:47am 10/30/13 10:47am

Niki Lauda Poses With Young Soccer Player

A picture from the Singapore GP on British website Heart.co.uk showed "David Beckham posing with an elderly fan" at the Singapore Grand Prix. That "elderly fan" was three time F1 champion and living legend Niki Lauda. Whoops. » 9/25/13 12:24pm 9/25/13 12:24pm

David Beckham Makes Appearance In Shanghai, Causes Stampede

This video plays out like a goddamn horror movie. You spend the first two minutes knowing that shit is about to get really bad, but you still can't force yourself to look away. And then, just when you think that maybe all that buildup won't actually lead to much: chaos! » 6/20/13 12:08pm 6/20/13 12:08pm

David Beckham: How The Last English Winger Ordained Soccer In America

When the world's biggest sport's most beloved, most important player is finally gone, we'll all agree that David Beckham is far and away one of the most successful players to ever touch a soccer ball. Shortly after, we'll argue: was Beckham truly one of the greatest players of his generation, or just a guy lucky… » 5/21/13 4:45pm 5/21/13 4:45pm

Watch David Beckham Leave The Field For The Last Time In His Career

David Beckham played in the last game of his career today after announcing his retirement from soccer last week. He started and was given the captain's armband for his club, Paris Saint-Germain, in their last home match of the season against last-place Brest. » 5/18/13 6:04pm 5/18/13 6:04pm

David Beckham Retires. Let's Share Some Memories.

After a 20-year career that saw him become the highest-paid, most-recognizable, though not necessarily the best soccer player in the world, David Beckham is going to hang up the cleats at age 38. » 5/16/13 10:48am 5/16/13 10:48am

Who Is The World's Most Recognizable Athlete?

Saw this photo over at TBJ, of Kobe Bryant making an appearance on his annual Nike tour of China, and it's no surprise. China loves Kobe. Loves him. That's a billion people who go nuts at the very sight of Bryant, a global superstar for 15 years now. It got me thinking: who's the most recognizable athlete in the world? » 8/17/12 4:50pm 8/17/12 4:50pm

David Beckham: Still Scoring Masterful Goals, Still Showing Up Stuart…

Amidst an Olympic team snubbing and disinterest in Opening Ceremony involvement L.A. Galaxy star David Beckham's taken his fair share for, most recently, buffoonery and mascot abuse. » 7/15/12 10:00am 7/15/12 10:00am

David Beckham Goes Nuts, Kicks Balls At Referee, Starts Shit With…

Look, Becks, we get that you're frustrated at Great Britain leaving you off the London Olympics squad. We get that. But it's no cause to grow an Austrian mustache and start trolling the world, as amusing as it may be to all of us. » 7/02/12 10:55am 7/02/12 10:55am

David Beckham Cut From Olympic Team

In something of a shock, it's being reported that David Beckham will be left off Britain's Olympic team. The 37-year-old will not be among the three players over 23 on the roster—those places will go to Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy, and in Beckham's presumed spot, Micah Richards, who was himself a surprise omission from… » 6/28/12 10:30am 6/28/12 10:30am

The Los Angeles Galaxy Was Extremely Happy To Visit The White House

There's a lot going in this photo, taken today during the LA Galaxy's obligatory champion's visit to the White House. (Well, not everyone finds it necessary.) As usual, Obama looks happier than anyone else, although a beaming Bruce Arena seems up to the challenge. » 5/16/12 12:50am 5/16/12 12:50am

David Beckham Has Beer Thrown At Him, Freaks Out, Sets Up Late…

L.A. Galaxy star and future action hero David Beckham found himself perturbed late in last night's CONCACAF Champions League tie at Rogers Centre when Toronto fans greeted him for a late corner kick with streamers and, eventually, a can of Heineken Alexander Keith's. » 3/08/12 8:20pm 3/08/12 8:20pm

Taped Premier League Game Doubles Ratings For MLS Final

When David Beckham left Real Madrid five years ago for what was billed as a "million-dollar-a-week" deal with the L.A. Galaxy, he said that he had two goals: He wanted to win an MLS championship, and he wanted to use his name to help raise the league's profile. » 11/22/11 11:30am 11/22/11 11:30am

David Beckham's New Daughter Is Named Seven

David and Victoria Beckham have welcomed to the world the sixth member of their family, their fourth child and first daughter: Harper Seven. In terms of bizarre athlete baby names, this one ranks somewhere between George Foreman III and George Foreman IV. Everyone's trying to come up with an explanation: 7 was one of… » 7/11/11 2:20pm 7/11/11 2:20pm