Ex-ESPNer David Berson Is The Clear Successor To Take Over CBS Sports

David Berson is the new president of CBS Sports, a jump up from his previous role overseeing the difficult-to-remember-it-exists CBS Sports Network. Sean McManus will remain chairman of CBS Sports, but I've been told that his job will become increasingly figurehead-ish and Berson is going to take over a lot of his… » 6/04/13 2:30pm 6/04/13 2:30pm

Weekend Winner: ESPN Forbidden Love

In sports everyone's a winner—some just win better than others, like Katie Lacey and David Berson, who strolled all alone through a fallout zone and emerged with their souls untouched. Translation: the two ESPN horndog lovers were married last weekend. » 8/16/10 12:40pm 8/16/10 12:40pm

Horndog Hero David Berson Rumored Leaving ESPN (Kissing Suzy Update)

Bristol justice is swift. Programming VP David Berson, known around these parts as the man who was engaged in a long-time affair with Kate Lacey, is apparently leaving ESPN. This may or may not be related to his horndoggedness. » 11/20/09 1:40pm 11/20/09 1:40pm