The David Brooks Problem

I started a new job at Deadspin about three weeks ago, and I endured a tough first stretch. That was, in part, because, like anybody starting a new job, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. » 8/06/13 9:30am 8/06/13 9:30am

Trope-Recycling Bill Simmons Has Bill Simmons Syndrome

Bill Simmons this week mused on the fate of Dwight Howard, who appears to be the NBA's equivalent of plutonium: a potential world-beater but perilously radioactive. To characterize the gap between Perceived Dwight Howard and Actual Dwight Howard, the founder of Grantland and ESPN spittling-head did something very Bill… » 5/25/13 4:51pm 5/25/13 4:51pm

David Brooks Has A New Phony Sociological Category: "ESPN Man"

Someone help me out. Here's David Brooks, the upmarket Jeff Foxworthy, writing about "The ESPN Man" in today's New York Times: » 5/15/12 11:53am 5/15/12 11:53am

David Brooks Has Written The Dumbest Jeremy Lin Column So Far*…

"The moral ethos of sport," writes New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks today—and let's pause right there for a word of professional advice: if you use the word "sport," you should not be writing about sports, unless you are British and you also write "maths," in which case you may write about "sport" but we… » 2/17/12 4:14pm 2/17/12 4:14pm

I'm Pretty Sure David Brooks Just Blamed The Penn State Riots On…

We missed it over the weekend, but our man Pierce found this little turd of cultural intellection dropped by the Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy. Here's David Brooks responding to host David Gregory on Sunday's Meet the Press (if you're unfamiliar, Meet the Press used to be the Buffalo Bills pregame show). Their subject is… » 11/16/11 12:15pm 11/16/11 12:15pm

Anyone Care What David Brooks Has To Say About Amateurism And The NCAA?

Other than the fact that Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy somehow believes there was once a time of chivalric amateurism, and other than the part where he relishes the supposed irony of lefties advocating capitalism-friendly reform (Saul Alinsky and Marvin Miller would like a word) and also the part where he writes, "College… » 9/23/11 2:06pm 9/23/11 2:06pm

David Brooks Recalls That Time When Athletes Weren't Impressed With…

"Joe DiMaggio didn't ostentatiously admire his own home runs, but now athletes routinely celebrate themselves as part of the self-branding process," writes Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy, who, in addressing the Tucson shootings, trains his surveyor symbols on our national immodesty. Any thoughts, Babe? » 1/14/11 1:30pm 1/14/11 1:30pm

David Brooks Provides Us With Yet Another Reason To Hate Duke (And…

I'm sorry, somehow we missed this bit of intellection from the Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy, David Brooks: "How do you construct a rich versus poor narrative when the rich are more industrious?" he mused last week ... about Butler-Duke. » 4/14/10 5:55pm 4/14/10 5:55pm