Batman On Steroids: How The NFL On Fox Theme Song Was Born

It was March 1994, and Fox Sports president David Hill was on the phone with a new employee. Hill himself was something of a new employee. The network was only a few months old at that point, being built on the fly after Rupert Murdoch had unexpectedly outbid CBS for NFC broadcast rights. Hill was known, if he was… »1/31/14 2:16pm1/31/14 2:16pm


The Murdoch Mad Genius Who Gave Us Game Scores, A Dancing NFL Robot, And A Glowing Hockey Puck Is Leaving Fox Sports

There was a very quiet announcement on Monday: David Hill—a man most people haven't heard of, but whose innovations you know all too well—is leaving Fox Sports. Hill ran Fox Sports since its creation in 1993, and his departure sent sports media geeks into a tizzy: »7/27/12 10:39am7/27/12 10:39am