I'm David Peace, Author Of The Damned Utd And Red Or Dead. Let's Chat.

We're joined by novelist David Peace. Named one of Granta's Best of Young Novelists in 2003, he's the author of the Red Riding Quartet, the Tokyo Trilogy, GB84, The Damned Utd—"probably the best novel ever written about sport," per The Timesand, most recently, Red or Dead, an exploration of the life and career of… » 5/27/14 12:59pm 5/27/14 12:59pm

Life, Death, And Yasiel Puig: LA Mag's Jesse Katz Is Here To Chat

Los Angeles Magazine's Jesse Katz, who wrote that great story on Yasiel Puig's defection from Cuba—you can get a refresher here—is in the comments below, ready to take your questions. Follow Jesse on Twitter @byjessekatz, stop by his website, and/or check out his book The Opposite Field, a memoir on parenting and… » 4/15/14 1:59pm 4/15/14 1:59pm

Is Nick Saban Crazy? Ask The GQ Writer Who Profiled Him

This month's GQ includes a great profile of Alabama head coach Nick Saban by Warren St. John, author of Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer and Outcasts United. The profile includes plenty of anecdotes that make Nick Saban seem like an absolute lunatic, so we invited St. John to come and talk about what hanging out with… » 8/29/13 3:00pm 8/29/13 3:00pm

How (And Why) To Defend A-Rod: A Live Chat With Sports Law Experts

Any day/hour/minute now we'll find out just how long Alex Rodriguez and his smaller-antlered ilk will be on Bud Selig's wall. While we wait, we've assembled a group of sports law experts to mount a defense of A-Rod, explain the potential outcomes based on the various modes of punishment available, and answer any… » 8/02/13 2:30pm 8/02/13 2:30pm

ESPN's Nate Silver Is Here To Answer Your Questions

Last week, Nate Silver, the statistician who became famous (and stupidly infamous) for his political forecasting, bolted The New York Times for ESPN. Curious how he'll fit in at a company dedicated to producing more noise than signal? Wondering how it felt getting tossed under the bus somewhere along Eighth Avenue?… » 7/29/13 2:01pm 7/29/13 2:01pm

One Of Our Favorite Sports Columnists, Sally Jenkins, Is Here To Take…

Sally Jenkins is an award-winning sportswriter for the Washington Post, but don't hold that against her. She's one of the sharpest columnists in the country. She's also written a bunch of books, including It's Not About The Bike, the No. 1 New York Times bestseller she co-authored with Lance Armstrong, and Sum It Up—a… » 3/13/13 2:08pm 3/13/13 2:08pm

What Can You Learn From The Carolina Panthers' Leaked Financials? Ask A…

There's still a lot to unpack in the Carolina Panthers' financial statement, which we published Thursday. That document showed the team bringing in $112 million in operating profit over a recent two-year period, one that saw owner Jerry Richardson pleading hardship on behalf of his fellow NFL plutocrats before the… » 3/08/13 11:00am 3/08/13 11:00am

Jason Whitlock Is Here To Accept Prizes And Answer Your Questions

Jason Whitlock has been writing about sports for more than 20 years. The former Kansas City Star columnist has also written for ESPN and AOL, and he now holds court as Fox Sports' national columnist. He is an esteemed recipient of Deadspin's Good Writering Award and he enjoys the television program The Wire. » 2/08/13 2:25pm 2/08/13 2:25pm

Comrades! The Nation's Dave Zirin Is Here To Talk Sports And Politics

Dave Zirin is the sports editor at The Nation, where he writes about politics and sports and angers conservatives every day. He's also a frequent guest on MSNBC and Outside the Lines, where he once found out firsthand just what a loon Paul Finebaum is. He's here now to answer whatever intelligent and nuanced… » 1/29/13 1:30pm 1/29/13 1:30pm

What Was Manti Thinking? What's The Future Of Doping? The Amazing…

He's a mentalist. He reads thoughts. He makes predictions (though don't ask him to pick the winners of sporting events). He's the Amazing Kreskin, and he's been doing this since long before your parents used to watch him occasionally clown around with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. He's down in the discussion to… » 1/23/13 2:00pm 1/23/13 2:00pm

Ask Melinda Henneberger About Notre Dame's Sexual Assault Problem

Melinda Henneberger is a political writer for the Washington Post who runs the paper's She the People blog. She's also a Notre Dame alumna who has done extensive reporting for the National Catholic Reporter about the school's shameful treatment of women who have made sexual assault allegations against Fighting Irish… » 1/04/13 2:00pm 1/04/13 2:00pm