Comments Won't Look The Same On Monday, But You'll Manage Just Fine

We're flipping over to our new commenting/discussion regime on Monday. It's called Kinja, and having dicked around with it a little, I can report that it is not at all like playing underwater blindfold three-dimensional chess. On an architectural level, it's just the current Deadspin system, only now lying beckoningly… »6/22/12 6:52pm6/22/12 6:52pm

Commenting Changes Are Coming Soon; Don't Be As Petulant As These Gawker Commenters, OK?

If you want to read the basic outline of the changes—coming to Deadspin in a matter of weeks—float on over to Gawker. The new commenting regime won't be nearly as scary and complicated as it sounds. The basic conceit remains: Smart and insightful are given primacy over dumb and boorish. Actual discussion will matter… »4/17/12 3:45pm4/17/12 3:45pm

Presenting The Best Deadspin Comments And Commenters Of 2011

Welcome to the New Year, assorted e-ne'er-do-wells. By now you've likely recovered from the family-filled, merriment-choked, productivity-free nightmare of December and are ready to return to the cozy, productivity-free familiarity of misery and isolation. Good for you. To kick off 2012 properly, your Comment Ninja… »1/02/12 12:15pm1/02/12 12:15pm