Comments Won't Look The Same On Monday, But You'll Manage Just Fine

We're flipping over to our new commenting/discussion regime on Monday. It's called Kinja, and having dicked around with it a little, I can report that it is not at all like playing underwater blindfold three-dimensional chess. On an architectural level, it's just the current Deadspin system, only now lying beckoningly… » 6/22/12 6:52pm 6/22/12 6:52pm

Gawker's New Commenting System Is Up And Running

It's called Powwow, and it's coming to Deadspin soon. Go ahead and take 'er for a spin. If you want to know why we're doing this, you should read the Nieman Journalism Lab's interview with Nick Denton and A.J. Daulerio. (You cats 'n' kittens get a shout-out, by the way.) If you have any questions or complaints, put… » 4/26/12 10:47am 4/26/12 10:47am

Commenting Changes Are Coming Soon; Don't Be As Petulant As These…

If you want to read the basic outline of the changes—coming to Deadspin in a matter of weeks—float on over to Gawker. The new commenting regime won't be nearly as scary and complicated as it sounds. The basic conceit remains: Smart and insightful are given primacy over dumb and boorish. Actual discussion will matter… » 4/17/12 3:45pm 4/17/12 3:45pm

Comments Of The Fortnight-Ish: Your Racist Jokes Are The Pee-Pee In…

In recent articles on commenting we've discussed freshness and originality, and now, having tackled those, we're prepared to move on to the slightly weightier topic of race relations in Western culture. Well, not quite. But we are going to talk about racist jokes. » 2/28/12 6:00pm 2/28/12 6:00pm

Presenting The Best Deadspin Comments And Commenters Of 2011

Welcome to the New Year, assorted e-ne'er-do-wells. By now you've likely recovered from the family-filled, merriment-choked, productivity-free nightmare of December and are ready to return to the cozy, productivity-free familiarity of misery and isolation. Good for you. To kick off 2012 properly, your Comment Ninja… » 1/02/12 12:15pm 1/02/12 12:15pm