On Brett Favre's $50k Fine, Jenn Sterger's Reputation, And Roger…

This is not surprising. Goodell made his ruling and now everyone will return to terrible normalcy. Here's a rundown of the NFL's statement with additional commentary to help you understand what the hell just happened. » 12/29/10 4:05pm 12/29/10 4:05pm

Deanna Favre's Media Tour Was A Little Repetitious This Morning

The Land Baroness appeared on Good Morning America and Fox and Friends this morning to plug a book she wrote with her pastor, but she had to respond to those allegations we've been hearing so much about. Video inside. » 10/21/10 11:50am 10/21/10 11:50am

Deanna Favre Speaks: "I'm Handling This Through Faith"

Brett Favre's wife, promoting her new book on Good Morning America, finally addressed all that unpleasantness with her husband's penis: "Faith has gotten me through many difficult struggles [and] will get me through this one." » 10/21/10 8:40am 10/21/10 8:40am

Another Stupid Piece Of News About Stupid Brett Favre That's Just So…

I hate writing this stuff, but the numbers show that you people care. So help stop the cycle, and don't click on this post. » 7/29/10 1:10pm 7/29/10 1:10pm

Deanna Favre Is Also A Fan Of The Custom Jersey

It's our first celebrity entry in the custom joke jersey derby. In this case, a creative Vikings fan thumbs his nose at Packers GM Ted Thompson on behalf of the whole Favre family. At least it's not about revenge! » 10/12/09 6:15pm 10/12/09 6:15pm

Which Sports-Related Person Would Engage In A 2Girls1Cup-Type Video?

AJ Daulerio's Cultural Oddsmaker runs every Friday ... well, that next five Fridays, anyway. Yes, after more than a year of goodness, Mr. Daulerio is retiring the Cultural Oddsmaker column at the beginning of 2008. There are now FIVE left. Email him to let him know how much you'll miss him. » 12/07/07 3:15pm 12/07/07 3:15pm