How To Burp Like A World Champ In 5 Steps, Featuring Competitive Eater…

The results from the 2011 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest tell us that Tim "Eater X" Janus is the third-best hot-dog eater in the world. He owns world records for speed-eating burritos, sushi, and ramen noodles. » 7/02/12 6:08pm 7/02/12 6:08pm

How To Throw A Knuckleball, Starring Jim Bouton

This is the first of an occasional video series in which someone good at something doable teaches you how to do it. Today we have Jim Bouton, former major leaguer and author of the great Ball Four, demonstrating his old signature pitch, the knuckleball. » 3/30/11 11:20am 3/30/11 11:20am