No, Paying Athletes Won't Bankrupt College Sports

The NCAA's biggest and most bruited argument against compensating players is that athletics programs couldn't take on the additional burden of player salaries without going bankrupt. The argument has a certain appeal to a certain kind of fan, the one who thinks sports took a turn for the worse at roughly half-past… » 1/16/14 12:22pm 1/16/14 12:22pm

Arbitrator Calls A-Rod's Conduct "Unprecedented"; A-Rod Sues Everyone

Below you can read Alex Rodriguez's full suit against both Major League Baseball and the players' union. Filed in a New York district court today, it seeks to overturn the arbitration panel's ruling that imposed a 162-game suspension, keeping Rodriguez out of baseball for all of the 2014 season. » 1/13/14 6:11pm 1/13/14 6:11pm

Carl Pelini Was Turned In By An Assistant Coach

According to documents obtained by SBNation and the Associated Press, Carl Pelini resigned as FAU coach after two witnesses reported seeing him use drugs. One of them also added that he saw Pelini use cocaine. That witness? According to the Sun Sentinel, it was FAU's D-line and special teams coach Matt Edwards. » 11/01/13 6:55pm 11/01/13 6:55pm

Every FCC Complaint About Miley Cyrus's VMA Twerking

At least some Americans will manage to be offended by just about anything. But Miley Cyrus's trainwreck performance at last month's Video Music Awards was something special, and garnered one of the largest numbers of viewer complaints in recent history. » 9/13/13 1:55pm 9/13/13 1:55pm

How J.J. Redick's Abortion Contract Was Conceived

Tuesday, we brought you a 2007 confidentiality agreement between then-rookie J.J. Redick and model ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez, a bizarre contract that stipulated Redick would have to fake his relationship with Lopez in exchange for her getting an abortion. Today we've obtained more emails and documents showing the… » 7/25/13 4:20pm 7/25/13 4:20pm

Emails: Reporters Pester Urban Meyer About Hernandez (And Tebow)

When Aaron Hernandez became a murder suspect—and news emerged of previously unreported incidents during his time at Florida—journalists naturally turned to his former Gators coach for comments on Hernandez's "checkered" past. But Urban Meyer wasn't having it. » 7/22/13 1:13pm 7/22/13 1:13pm

Hear Kris Benson's 911 Call After Anna Benson Showed Up With A Gun

Sometimes it seems that few sports marriages end well. But precious few end as badly as that of Kris and Anna Benson, divorcing after 14 years (their next court date was scheduled for September). On Sunday night, Anna showed up at Kris's house armed to the teeth, allegedly demanding money. We now have Kris's fearful… » 7/10/13 8:43am 7/10/13 8:43am

Every Viewer Complaint About Big Papi's Post-Bombing Swear Word

Before the Red Sox's first home game after the Boston Marathon bombings, David Ortiz grabbed a microphone to tell an emotional and excitable crowd that "this is our fucking city." This being our country, Americans immediately ran to register their disgust with the FCC. » 7/04/13 11:00am 7/04/13 11:00am

How Big Brown's People Nearly Pulled Off Horse Racing's Biggest Scam

As 95-degree temperatures baked a crowd of nearly 100,000 at the 2008 Belmont Stakes—the hottest June 7 on record—the only person who seemed unfazed was Richard Dutrow Jr., the trainer of Big Brown, an undefeated colt just 12 furlongs from the first Triple Crown in three decades. With history against him, Dutrow… » 6/07/13 10:30am 6/07/13 10:30am

No Steroids, No Birthday Cake: Parsing MLB's Employee Handbook

Congratulations! It's your first day working for Major League Baseball. You probably grew up a huge baseball fan, and while this isn't as good as actually playing, you're about to embark on a fun and rewarding career with MLB. But first, there's something you need to read and sign. » 5/23/13 12:56pm 5/23/13 12:56pm

Read The Racist, Threatening Postcards Art Modell Received For…

Ravens owner Art Modell, who died last September at age 87, made lots of enemies when he moved the Browns to Baltimore. But Modell's FBI file, which was released by the bureau today, contains no death threats from Cleveland fans. Indeed, nothing in his career inspired menacing, racist, anti-semitic rage like Modell's… » 3/20/13 3:17pm 3/20/13 3:17pm

"A Women Kissing A Nerd," "Beyonce Girating Her Vagina," And Other Angry…

Beyoncé is a "slut." She "gyrated her pelvis," "humping the air for 13 minutes." She "dressed like a stripper" dancing in "erotica fashion." Her "breasts protruded out, her butt almost completely showed." She "showed her vaginal area to all the world." Some people had very different reactions to the Super Bowl than the rest of us. » 3/14/13 2:30pm 3/14/13 2:30pm

Mike Tyson's Lawsuit Claims His Financial Advisor Embezzled Money From…

Earlier this week, Mike Tyson canceled the remaining dates of his touring one-man show. You could assume (and still can) that lagging ticket sales played a role, but this might be bigger: Tyson is suing promoter Live Nation and its financial services firm, claiming his financial advisor embezzled money from him and… » 2/21/13 9:50am 2/21/13 9:50am

Australia Is Having A Major Doping Scandal

Oh Australia. We remember when America was innocent and naive like you. There was a time when we too would have been shocked by a lengthy and damning investigation revealing that the use of performance enhancing drugs is "widespread," that PEDs are now "widely available," and that athletes, coaches, and doctors across all… » 2/07/13 10:20am 2/07/13 10:20am

You Should Read This Before You Go Bigfoot Hunting

The Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo is exactly what it sounds like: a sasquatch convention. Though most of the amateur cryptozoologists are in it to document and preserve, surely there are some rogues out that who would love nothing so much as a Bigfoot head above their mantel. So Peter Wiemer, founder of the Bigfoot… » 11/20/12 6:10pm 11/20/12 6:10pm

Former Texans Punter Suing Reliant Stadium Owners For Being Injured By …

This week, the Texans brought in a handful of veteran kickers for tryouts. They're reportedly happy with Shayne Graham's field goals, but wish he could get a little more distance on kickoffs. They had a decent candidate last year, an undrafted rookie K/P out of Central Michigan named Brett Hartmann, who managed to set… » 11/15/12 1:25pm 11/15/12 1:25pm