Heat Echo Clippers Halfcourt Protest; Equipment Guy Picks Shirts Up

Before tonight's game against the Bobcats, the Miami Heat joined in L.A.'s silent protest by removing their shooting shirts and leaving them at mid court as a sign of player-wide solidarity against racism. No one told the equipment guy, though, so he immediately snapped into action and gathered up all the shirts. »4/28/14 7:47pm4/28/14 7:47pm

Donald Sterling's Wife Decries Her Husband's "Racist Comments"

Although she would not acknowledge the legitimacy of the recorded conversation between her husband and his girlfriend while speaking with ABC's Lisa Salters earlier today, Rochelle Sterling later told TMZ that her "family is devastated by the racist comments made by my estranged husband." It would seem the recording's… »4/27/14 11:07pm4/27/14 11:07pm

Doc Rivers Seems To Think His Team Is Fucked, And He Might Be Right

Since early Saturday morning, when the world became reacquainted with the vitriolic racism of Donald Sterling, it's been just a firehose of news. Player reactions, commissioner reactions, responses, denials, and more bits of vitriolic racism have all been featured here and elsewhere. But Doc Rivers, looking weary and… »4/27/14 8:27pm4/27/14 8:27pm

Michael Jordan "Completely Outraged" By Sterling's "Sickening" Views

Michael Jordan, majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, released a statement destroying Donald Sterling, stating there was no room in the NBA for an owner with such racist beliefs. Much like LeBron and and President Obama, Jordan puts pressure on the league and Commission Adam Silver to take action. It is the most… »4/27/14 1:45pm4/27/14 1:45pm

LeBron James: "There Is No Room For Donald Sterling In Our League"

Prior to Miami's game against the Charlotte Bobcats tonight, LeBron James was asked to comment on the growing Donald Sterling embarrassment. He did not disappoint. LeBron said the remarks were unacceptable, disrespectful, and wondered aloud whether he would boycott the team's games if he were in the situation Clippers… »4/26/14 8:16pm4/26/14 8:16pm