Snake And Mongoose Will Be The Best Drag Racing Movie Of The Summer

Snake and Mongoose is a drag racing movie coming out on September 6th, and I can promise you now it will be the best drag racing movie of the summer. Mostly I can promise that because it is the only drag racing movie this summer, but it actually doesn't look half bad. » 7/20/13 8:28pm 7/20/13 8:28pm

Al Unser Jr., Two-Time Indy 500 Champ, Arrested For Drag Racing While…

"Brown said Unser was drag racing another car in his Suburban and was going around 101 mph before sheriff's deputies caught up to him. ... According to a sheriff's report, Unser smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech. Sheriff's deputies said his blood-alcohol content was twice the legal limit of 0.08." [AP] » 9/29/11 8:00pm 9/29/11 8:00pm