Sinister director grabs Drew Magary's Postmortal for the big screen

Chopped enthusiast, Gawker columnist, and parenting advice-giver Drew Magary's immortal novel could be made into a movie. Set in the near future where the cure for aging has been discovered, The Postmortal citizens don't have to age, but can still die from accidents, sickness, stabbings etc. » 8/01/13 9:29pm 8/01/13 9:29pm

Coach Who (Accidentally) Nailed Girl In Face With Volleyball Forced To …

This is Southern Regional High School girl's volleyball coach Eric Maxwell, whom you probably remember from this memorable episode, which occurred earlier this month. He apologized immediately after it happened. Unfortunately, he gained aa new audience yesterday. » 2/02/10 3:25pm 2/02/10 3:25pm