Deadcast: Let Me Explain That Stupid Chopped Shirt

Last week I went on Chopped and won and everyone made fun of my shirt, because you people are SOULLESS JACKALS. Anyway, bossman Tim Marchman had a few questions for me about this shirt, mostly so that he could discover new avenues for mocking it. And so I am ready to answer those questions—along with a few… » 4/14/15 3:37pm 4/14/15 3:37pm

Sinister director grabs Drew Magary's Postmortal for the big screen

Chopped enthusiast, Gawker columnist, and parenting advice-giver Drew Magary's immortal novel could be made into a movie. Set in the near future where the cure for aging has been discovered, The Postmortal citizens don't have to age, but can still die from accidents, sickness, stabbings etc. » 8/01/13 9:29pm 8/01/13 9:29pm